The heroin of Santa Barbara dreams of moving in Paris

 By Alena Prime, Télé Star, 1990

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It is in Paris that Louise Sorel has, as she has the habit, chosen to spend her too short holidays. Only two weeks, that's not many, if one considers that, for the promotion of the show, the actress had to go two days to Madrid and to stay at the MIP-TV in Cannes, accompanied by the producer of Santa Barbara. Louise, in an excellent French, learned in a school in Villefranche-sur-Mer (at a session in August 89 which had joined together two other ex-stars of the show : Todd McKee and Lane Davies), entrust to us : "Contrary to them, I made my come-back in Santa Barbara since November 1989 and I do not intend to go away from there, at least not before 1992.  Next year, my contract will expire. I feel myself good in my character. Augusta Lockridge and her husband Lionel, interpreted by Nicolas Coster, saw their roles taking importance since the original writers, Jerome and Bridget Dobson, returned to write the new episodes. It was time because the show had lost televiewers."

While waiting to see her again in France on TF1 (the show in France has two years of delay compared to its diffusion on NBC), Louise does not hide her happiness to walk in the streets of Paris. Each journey is the occasion for her to find friends like Jacqueline Monsigny and Edward Meeks, the actress Dominique MacAvoy, without forgetting Jean-Claude Narcy and Pierre Vernier, the accomplice of Jean-Paul Belmondo, who she saw in the part Maison de Poupée. During a common dinner, Louise announced to him her desire of turning in a French movie or TV movie : "I now have agents here, who will help me to work in your country. It is a dream I cherish for a long time, and which will end up being carried out."

To put herself under the best conditions, the actress plans very seriously  to leave the United States and to settle in Paris or in the South. "I felt in love for a pretty house, located in Saint-Césaire, Lubéron. With the train, Paris is only at four hours. I would also like to live on the Côte d'Azur and in particular in Tourrettes-sur-Loup."

Cheerful forty-years-old woman, Louise entrusts finally that she is also very happy in her heart. Divorced twice, in particular of Ken Howard (seen in The Thorn Birds), miss Sorel says simply : "Yes, I love somebody. But I do not want to reveal you his identity. I promised it to him... I unmarried but am well accompanied. Not question however of giving up my independence, which however cost me my two preceding husbands."