«I have played so many absurd things !»

 BFranck Ragaine, Télé Star, 2001

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Her love of France, Louise Sorel owes it to her mother, born in Egypt, who made her very early discover the charms of our country. Thus, it is in Villefranche-sur-Mer that Louise studied French. "I like your language and your cinema. My preferred actor : Jean Rochefort. In the movie Le Placard, he get me mad !"

You left the show Days of our Lives just a year ago. What memories do you keep of it ?

Mitigated ones ! Of course, from 1992 to 2000, I played, in the skin of Vivian Alamain, the character undoubtedly the more amusing of the show. This poor Vivian is even more disturbed than was my dear Augusta Lockridge in Santa Barbara ! (She was in the cast from 1984 to 1991). But it was nevertheless not a reason to make me play more and more absurd and weak stuffs.

What kind of scenes do you think of ?

I had to bury somebody who was alive, to steal a human embryo that I then implanted in my own body, to jump from planes... Of course, when you play in this kind of shows, you know from the very start that you are likely to find yourself in extreme situations. But there, it had become so incredible that it was necessary to get stopped. However, I do not regret this adventure since my role alloed me to win a series of rewards, of which the last one, very recently, in Australia.

Did you keep contacts with your ex-partners of Santa Barbara ?

Yes, a few days ago I lunched with Jed Allan (C.C. Capwell), who has just lost his wife. Moreover I come back from New York, where I gave the reply, the time of some episodes, to Marcy Walker (Capwell Eden) in the show All my Children. You know, the team of Santa Barbara was very welded, and it remained it.

You always divide yourself between the West coast and the East coast ?

Yes, and for professional reasons. The theatre, my first passion, often calls me in New York. I besides will go back there in a few weeks to play in Broadway a part entitled The Cocktail Hour. I thus have an apartment over there and another here, in Los Angeles.

On a romantic side, after two marriages, would you be still ready to fall in love ?

I lived a long story which has just been completed. But I do not worry, it will happen what must happen...