Dr. Scott Clark




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Identity   Interpreter
Year of birth : December 1963

Father : Ben Clark

Brother : Travis Clark

Child : Michael Clark


Former known girlfriends : Celeste DiNapoli (197?-1979, 1989), Gina DeMott Capwell (1987-1988), Dr. Heather Donnelly (1988-1989)

Profession : Doctor


Vincent Irizarry :
November 09 1987 (# 822) to October 20 1989 (# 1317)


Macho and stubborn character, Dr. Scott Clark works at the hospital of Santa Barbara. In 1987, he takes in charge Gina DeMott who suffers of temporary blindness after a fight with C.C. Capwell. Very quickly, their relation of patient and doctor turns into a love story. But Gina, afraid of losing the attention of Scott, decides to fake blindness when she finally covers the sight after several weeks. Discovering her lie, Scott shows himself intransigent and breaks with her.

He then finds back his father, Ben, who is back in town and with whom he had always been in conflict. He decides however to help him to shed light on the death, 25 years before, of his uncle Hal, whose bones were found in the Capwell boathouse. Feeling strange sensations, he calls for the needs of the investigation a new psychiatrist who practices hypnotism, Dr. Heather Donnelly. She makes him revive the night of Hal's murder, where Scott was present. He then remembers the identity of the assassin : Pamela Conrad.

Once the case is solved, Scott falls in love with Heather. He still enjoys her support when, in the same year, his father dies from cancer. Convinced that this disease was caused by negligence of Capwell Enterprises, he investigates the workers of their oil platforms and discovers that many of them were also victims of cancer. He builds a case in court with the help of lawyer Julia Wainwright. But, victim of blackmail, this latter makes disappear the evidences. The case is buried, much to Scott's chagrin.

In the meantime, Scott is also facing professional difficulties. His hotheaded character regularly caused him to enter into conflict with Dr. Joseph Noah, the hospital director. Then it is to Dr. Arthur Donnelly, Heather's father, that he is regularly opposed. Finding Scott unworthy of his daughter, Arthur tries to move him away by entrusting him the management of a dispensary in a disadvantaged district of the city. Initially demoralized, Scott makes his place there when Heather leaves the hospital to work with him. Both are joined by Dr. Zack Kelton, Heather's former boyfriend, of whom Scott quickly becomes jealous. Scott ends the year 1988 by proposing to Heather, and buys them an old house in his childhood neighborhood.

The year 1989 begins with Scott's discovery of the return in town of Celeste DiNapoli, his great love of youth. He hires her as a secretary at the clinic, before he confesses to Heather that they were in love in high school. The permanent presence of Celeste with Scott makes Heather particularly jealous, and the arguments follow one another within the couple. Scott and Heather end up breaking up, and Scott can let free rein to his love for Celeste, whom he never really stopped loving.

This is when he learns that Heather is pregnant and is about to have an abortion. He participates in convincing her to keep the baby, then starts a procedure for the custody of his unborn child. When he learns from Celeste that she prostituted herself in the years following their separation, Scott immediately rejects her. He then tries to reconnect with Heather. At the birth of his son Michael, Scott decides to follow Heather in Chicago to try to make amends. But Heather is not ready to forget his betrayal yet.

It is in Santa Barbara and alone that we see him for the last time, without his destiny with Heather is really sealed...

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