Dr. Scott Clark




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Identity   Interpreter
Year of birth : December 1963

Father : Ben Clark

Brother : Travis Clark

Child : Michael Clark


Former known girlfriends : Celeste DiNapoli (197?-1979, 1989), Gina DeMott Capwell (1987-1988), Dr. Heather Donnelly (1988-1989)

Profession : Doctor


Vincent Irizarry :
November 09 1987 (# 822) to October 20 1989 (# 1317)


Macho and stubborn character, Dr. Scott Clark works at the hospital of Santa Barbara. In 1987, he takes in charge Gina DeMott who suffers of temporary blindness after a fight with C.C. Capwell. Very quickly, their relation of patient and doctor turns into a love story. But Gina, afraid of losing the attention of Scott, decides to pretend the blindness when she finally covers the sight after several weeks. Discovering her lie, Scott shows himself intransigent and breaks with her.

Rejoined by his father Ben, he learns that the bones of his uncle Hal have been found in the Capwell boathouse. Feeling strange sensations, he calls for the needs of the investigation a hypnotizing doctor, Dr. Heather Donnelly. She makes him revive the night of Hal's murder, 25 years before, where Scott was present. He then remembers the identity of the assassin : Pamela Conrad.

Once the affair solved, Scott falls in love with Heather and moves in with her. He also benefits of her support when, the same year, his father dies of a cancer. Harassed by Dr. Joseph Noah, the director of the hospital, Scott is constrained to resign. Despite the disapprobation of Dr. Arthur Donnelly, Heather's father, he opens with her a dispensary in a underpriviledged district of the town. They are both helped in their work by Dr. Zack Kelton, a former boyfriend of Heather's, who quickly makes Scott becoming jealous.

But Heather is not behindhand when Scott finds again one fine day Celeste DiNapoli, his great youthful love. Lost between Heather and Celeste whom he has never completely ceased to love, Scott is unable to make a choice. In spite of Heather's pregnancy, Scott finally prefers Celeste to her. He then begins a procedure for the guard of his child to born which will turn to last many weeks. But when Celeste acknowledges having become a prostitute since their former separation, Scott regrets his decision and tries to take up with Heather again. At the birth of his little Michael, Scott finally succeeds in being forgiven by Heather before she leaves the town with the child...

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