The Santa Barbara lovers in Paris

 By Christine Descateaux, Télé 7 Jours, 1991

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The Santa Barbara lovers are in Paris ! If it was about Marcy Walker and A Martinez, they would be pursued by the autographs hunters, but by chance they did not appear yet in the famous show of TF1. The beautiful Signy Coleman and Vincent Irizarry can thus let themselves go to happinesses of the capital, at the invitation Télé 7 Jours. Vincent, whose surname betrays Basque origins of which he is proud, already come three times in Paris to visit museums, expositions and to offer an homage to French art. As for Signy, top-model during six years, she spent at least six months of the year in France. "I lived in a small apartment under the roofs, behind the Champs-Elysées. That was marvellous... but I was not in the arms of Vincent yet."

Fiction joining reality, Signy and Vincent fell in love one with the other then married after having played two years in Santa Barbara. Vincent however acknowledges : "Actually, we already knew each other with Signy. We studied in the same dramatic art school, but without notice each other. I am from a immigrants family. My father, who has Basque origins, had come from Puerto Rico to New York, and my mother's parents from Sicily in 1928. I studied music in Boston and Berkeley and classic piano during ten years. Thus I was chosen to play the role of Paul McCartney in Lennon, a spectacle in Broadway about the life of the murdered Beatles. Then, I had to choose between music and theatre. I chose this one, then television came to seek me."

One thus found him in the soap Guiding Light : "The character of Lujak was even worth me a nomination at the Emmy in 1986 and has also a lot of success in Italy. That is when the producers of Santa Barbara proposed to me the role of Doctor Scott Clark, a physicist, especially written for me. At the same moment, one asked Signy to become Celeste DiNapoli, my friend of childhood, who returns in Santa Barbara after ten years of separation. The love imagined by the writers has thus quickly delighted us."

Signy smiles : "I am Californian. I knew that Santa Barbara would give me happiness". March 6, 1990, she gave birth to a little Siena. "We called her like this to remember our honeymoon in Siena, Tuscany". Signy dedicates a big admiration to Jane Fonda : "When I was pregnant, I discovered her book and I applied her consultings. After Siena's birth, I took again aerobics, bicycle, horse, and six kilometers of jogging per day !" These so sympathetic lovers live in Venice, California, in a house where they cultivate the garden and the kitchen : "We are very greedy, but especially of natural products".

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