The favorite role of Vincent Irizarry

 By Isabelle Caron, TÚlÚ 7 Jours, 1992

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The fans of Santa Barbara know Vincent Irizarry well. He played the role of Scott Clark. For Lucky Chances, he agreed to age from 22 to 65 years, like his hero, Gino : "Every morning, I spent between two and four hours to the make-up. Especially that it sometimes happened to me to play a scene at 25 years old on the morning, and another at 60 years old on the afternoon ! It was necessary to start it all again every time. I did not know any more who I was, the young or the old Gino, and at the time to say my counterparts, I get lost myself a little. It was also necessary to do a great attention to the creams and to all the things one had put on my skin. We shot in Las Vegas, the summer 90, and it made until 48 degrees Celsius."

"At the time, I was married to Signy Coleman (Celeste in Santa Barbara) - since we divorced - and she came to make my moral going up with our daughter, Sienna, 6 months old, ravished to be able to attend the shootings." Vincent Irizarry, American from Basque origin, continues to shoot the show Guiding Light, where he plays Nick. He is 32 years old and lives as a single person in New York.

Gino, in Lucky Chances, remains one of his favorite roles : "One can only envy this man who had succeeded the American dream. Poor at the beginning of the scenario, he becomes one of the richest man of the country, but of course, I do not forget that he is before all a gangster !"