The future seducer of Santa Barbara

 TÚlÚ Loisirs, 1991

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Vincent Irizarry is an actor doubled of a gifted pianist who, after Guiding Light and Santa Barbara, two of the traditional soaps from the United States, obtains the main role in a six hours movie, Lucky Chances, written from the novel of Jackie Collins, the sister of Joan. Here is an actor who falls in love, on the stage of Santa Barbara, of a ravishing actress, marries her and is today the spoiled dad of a little six months old girl. Here is an actor who in a word is quite simply happy...

His career of pianist seemed all traced when one day, at the faculty of music, a professor asked the beautiful Vincent to take part in a play... it was the revelation ! He left the school of music and dedicates himself to the career of actor. The remainder is easy to guess : agent, audition and contract for three days in Guiding Light. His character, Lujak, became so popular that the production offers him a two years contract. But he therefore does not leave his modest district of student and poor actor of New York. After two years in Guiding Light, he refuses a new mirific contract and goes into the search of his absolute.

He leaves New York for California and Hollywood. During two years he plays in different shows, in particular L.A. Law, then with Clint Eastwood in Heartbreak Ridge and in 1987, he penetrates on the plates of Santa Barbara. "I left Guiding Light to see others horizons, whereas my role was at its apogee. When I was proposed to play in Santa Barbara, I first declined the offer. Then I accepted it because the character of Dr. Clark fascinated me. He was young, beautiful, shining, and its Tom Cruise-side, ladykiller, amused me. It is for me a marvellous memory. The atmosphere, the actors and the good scenarios contributed to retain me until October 89." What Vincent does not say, it is that on the stage of Santa Barbara, he found a young actress, Signy Coleman, he had already met in course. For eight month, their relationship remained secret. It is only at the end of 1989 that they decided to be united for the worst and the best... It is in Sienna, Italy, that the couple spent "an unforgettable honeymoon", acknowledges Vincent, and Signy will remember it for a long time since their daughter has been named Sienna Sophia...

"Vincent is someone marvellous, entrusts Signy. Sienna smiled to him two days after her birth, a radiant smile... Vincent still did not go back from it, he is a fabulous dad." After Sienna's birth, Vincent passed through a little professional crisis of short duration. Fortunately, his devastating appearance was quickly noticed and this is the movie Lucky Chances that he henceforth plays.