The couple Gina DeMott Capwell and Scott Clark


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It is at the end of the year 1987 that occurs by the fortunes of life the meeting between the Santa Barbara matchmaker and the hospital young doctor.

The meeting between the doctor and the patient occurs after Gina DeMott's fall on the stairs of the courthouse, pushed by C.C. Capwell. Very fast, Scott feels attracted to this woman who appears to him of the most fragile and who makes it possible to hide her state, in particular to her former lover, district attorney Keith Timmons. Besides, as everybody in town seems to harass the patient, from C.C. to Keith, Scott feels the necessity to protect her. On her side, Gina seems really destabilized by her blindness and completely gives into Scott's care.

Scott's attraction towards this woman who alternates between force (in front of C.C. or Keith's attacks) and weakness (in the discovery of her blindness) is evident. Conjugated to his need to defend the weak and the oppressed, Scott, seduced by Gina, quickly declares his love to her.

Very fast, Gina accepts the change in the patient and doctor relationship and gives in to the advances of her handsome doctor. Scott, profoundly in love with Gina, settles down with her in the Capwell guesthouse. Scott is more mature than Gina; she, at the beginning of their relationship, sees a way to make Keith jealous and to confirm her power of seduction. Scott, sure of his love, undoubtedly invests himself in this relationship and accepts Gina completely with her faults and her failings. Scott refuses to take pay attention to Gina's past (her other lovers, her past as a blackmailer with the Capwells) which does not stop relating him to the rejected district attorney, and the fact that she cannot have children anymore, even if this news breaks his ideals on the family which he hoped to build. But it does not matter; Scott accepts even the presence - very frequently in his eyes - of Keith Timmons beside Gina. He gives into all Gina's requests even if, mostly, her demands are on the contrary to what he likes or to what he wants to do. His investment is complete in this new relationship, even if he is not liked by his father, who does not understand this affair with this older woman belonging to another world than theirs. Ben Clark knows by experience that the Capwell women are not what they say to be!

Very fast Gina's real nature surfaces: maneuvering and lies. Gina begins slowly finding sight again. It is at first simple brilliant points, then forms and colors which can be guessed in the middle of the fog. Gina, who is afraid of losing Scott if ever she does not become dependent on him anymore, hides this new information, quite as her eyes behind wide dark glasses. Only Hayley and Keith eventually discover the truth. Hayley urges her aunt to admit the truth to Scott, to offer a real chance for their love; as for Keith, as tortuous as her, he advises her to use this chance to spy on the Capwells from the inside. Gina will need only a few seconds to decide: she will remain blind.

Juggling between her past and her fears of losing of Scott, Gina find her failings again and lies to Scott about her blindness, flirts with Keith, and blackmails Sophia to get back the custody of Brandon. Gina, although happy and radiant by her relationship with Scott, continues to doubt that he can be in love with her, and fears that he eventually gets tired of her and becomes attached to a nurse or to a more conventional woman. Moreover, Keith does not stop comforting her in her fears: Scott is not made to play the toreador with her!

Furthermore, a little guided by Keith, a little comforted by her fears, Gina imagines herself that Scott and Nurse Kathleen McDougall also have an affair. One day, while Scott gets mad at Keith (who comes to harass Pearl Bradford at the end of an operation), Gina takes the defense of her former lover against Scott and offends Kathleen who is also present. Surprised to discover Gina's true face, while he sincerely believed that Gina had changed further to their meeting, Scott puts an end to their relationship. The break up is without appeal is what concerns him.

Nevertheless, obeying afterward Kathleen's advices, Scott appears at the Capwell guesthouse for a discussion with Gina and to tell her what he felt, what he thought of her and the place she had in his life. The separation seems inevitable; nevertheless Scott suggests inviting her one evening at The Lair. Slowly, with a sharply different rhythm, the couple tries to find new momentum, this time by taking the time to conquer each other. Naturally, Scott is the only one to want to follow this rhythm, Gina is too much afraid of seeing him turning away from her. During this phase, Scott has to accept Gina's little schemes again: she does not want C.C. to learn that she found her sight back, fearing of being pushed out of the guesthouse. This respite will be only a short duration. Because Scott breaks up definitively with her, when he realizes that she plots against Pamela about the disappearance of his uncle Hal, and that Brandon is obliged to lie to obtain the necessary money to pay his school fees.

Small digression in her adventure with Keith Timmons, Gina would have been able to, in Scott’s contact, to change her behavior. But her past and her intrinsic need to plot and to scheme will get the better of her love story with him. Again free, she quickly finds Keith's arms, who throughout their separation had no respite to show her the evidence: that they are made for each other... Are they not as tricky as one another, ready for all little schemes, ready for all plots to squeeze some money from the Capwells? This association will end in a wedding some months later...

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