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Date of birth : March 193?

Father : T. McDonald Lockridge

Mother : Minx Lockridge

Sister : Cassandra Benedict (half-sister)


Married to : Augusta Wainwright (1960-1986), Caroline Wilson (1987), Gina DeMott Capwell (1992-...)

Children : Brick Wallace, Laken Lockridge

Former known girlfriend : Sophia Capwell Armonti (195?-1969, 1990)

Professions : Businessman, mattress salesman at Mort Zimmerman's, manager of Johnny's Place


Nicolas Coster :
August 29 1984 (# 23) to January 12 1988 (# 866), June 08 1990 (# 1479) to May 02 1991 (# 1705), July 30 1991 (# 1765) to January 15 1993 (# 2137)

Don Stewart :
December 18 1985 (# 354)


Lionel Lockridge is at the beginning of Santa Barbara presented above all as C.C. Capwell's sworn enemy. Except that he turns out as original and fanciful as C.C. is authoritarian and manipulator. The two families are indeed rival since generations and these last years, the Lockridges lost much of their fortune to the Capwells's profit. The couple that Lionel forms with Augusta perdure in spite of Lionel's many business trips, real explorer of lost regions of Africa and Asia and also real womanizer. He was in particular formerly the lover of Sophia Wayne, who preferred C.C.. It is besides during a trip on his private yacht that she fell in the sea at the end of the 1960s.

The earthquake which strikes the town in 1984 is the occasion for Lionel to show himself honest and sincere towards Augusta. He confesse to her his past infidelities, tells her the circumstances of Sophia's presumed death and above all reassures her as for an eventual affair she suspects him to have with Eden Capwell, Sophia and C.C.'s daughter. But the return in town of Sophia, whom everybody considered dead, creates new tensions in the couple. Lionel has to face regularly Augusta's fits of jealousy, convinced that he resumed his love-affair with his former mistress. Between baths of champagne and "circles of truth" drawn on the floor and in which they owe frankness to each other, Lionel tries to reassure Augusta of his love for her and his loyalty. When Augusta loses eyesight following the collapse of the tunnel between the Capwell and Lockridge mansions, Lionel hires milkman Frank Armsted to seduce Augusta, without risking that she leaves him. The ploy continues until Augusta finds the sight back and sets Lionel in his trap.

In summer 1985, Lionel learns that Channing Capwell Junior, Sophia's elder son, is in fact his son, and not C.C.'s. He gets then closer to Brandon, the son of Channing Junior and Santana Andrade, and thus his grandson. A new link between Lionel and Sophia that Augusta has difficulty in accepting. But the shock comes at the very beginning of 1986, when he learns that Minx, his mother, possessive and devoid of scruples, exchanged at birth the son whom he had with Sophia. So, Lionel finds himself with a new son well alive this time, which turns out to be Brick Wallace, the family chauffeur. Of a generous nature, Lionel treats Brick as his son, in the same way as Warren and Laken, his two other children that he loves and supports most than anything.

But the misfortunes fall on Lionel during the year : Augusta leaves him definitively by demanding the divorce and Lionel is obliged to fork over up to the last cent of his fortune to pay off the gambling debts which Warren contracted to the Capwell casino.

The time of new relations comes then. Lionel meets student Jane Wilson, who tries to seduce him, but he prefers her mother, Caroline Wilson, with whom he falls in love. He makes her settle down in the Lockridge villa, and welcomes with her Jane and her hidden daughter, Alice Jackson. Laken and Warren, after a first departure far from Santa Barbara, come back to temporarily live in this very populated family place in this year of 1987. Convinced that Augusta will never return, Lionel decides to marry Caroline, but this latter dies a little time after due to a rare and incurable disease, in spite of the serum stolen by Lionel from Dr. Alex Nikolas. All his children having left the city, Lionel thus ends up alone and leaves to recharge his batteries far from Santa Barbara.

He returns two years later, after having made everyone believe his death in a car accident in Singapore. He gets closer to Augusta, who came back living in Santa Barbara with Laken, and who is at first the only one to know about his "resurrection". Because Lionel fakes death for a plan : to get back in the Capwell tunnel valuable paintings of which he had sold copies to C.C.. What he ignores, it is that Gina Capwell and her mother Phyllis began the same work and also exchange copies and originals. So, without knowing it, it is copies that Lionel sells to an Asian buyer. When the buyer realizes that he was deceived, he makes Augusta kidnap, and Lionel has to sell on the Lockridge mansion to C.C. to pay the ransom.

Meanwhile, Minx is also back in Santa Barbara and tells Lionel that he has a sister in the person of Cassandra Benedict. Lionel gets on with her, even if he is shocked to learn that she had an affair with his son Warren in Bangkok, when she still ignored that she was related to him. Forced to see Augusta leaving in a detoxification center to solve her alcoholism problems, Lionel ends up alone to deal with Warren's anger when he discovers that he is not his son, but the fruit of Augusta's adulterous affair. He risks a short time later to die having eaten some poisoned soup which Cassandra intended to her rival, Angela Raymond. At the point of death, he is joined by Warren, who forgives him for having hidden the truth from him for so long.

Recovered and amused to deceive C.C. Capwell, Lionel becomes allied to Gina, to whom he suggests to marry him and to raise with her Channing III, C.C.'s son. The wedding takes place almost without their knowledge, during a theater performance in the Oasis, while they think of interpreting the characters of a Shakespeare's play without knowing that one of the comedians is in fact a real priest. Their mutual attraction and their whim conjugate then to perfection. Lionel and Gina end the show together, with certainly some moments of madness, but which suit perfectly to the zany and terribly likeable character of Lionel...

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