The adieu to Santa Barbara

 By Léa Noblet, Séries Passion, 1992

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He left, he came back. He made the opening, he will make the closing. Next 8 January, the shooting of this legendary show will stop in Los Angeles. In nearly ten years, Lionel Lockridge never wearied himself of this soap-opera. The adventurer libertine, patriarch of the Lockridge clan, is the oldest character of the show : "Santa Barbara is not a soap like the others : I remember the episode where, pursued by a helicopter, I made a run with a horse. I have even due to cross a fire of brushwoods. This is only in California that one turns so similar scenes." One will find Nicolas Coster in other shows like Beverly Hills 90210 , MacGyver , Police Squad or in old episodes of Dallas.

Today, the actor opens to us the gates of his house located on the hills from Hollywood in Los Angeles. In this sumptuous residence, full of flowers and house plants, he lives happy with his second wife, Elizabeth and their very young son, Ian, fair with the blue eyes like his father. Their dog Mimi, indefinable but adorable bastard, shares all games, every moment of tenderness. Nicolas Coster is one of the founder members of the Cousteau Society, and he worked narrowly with Jean-Michel Cousteau. He also directs underwater films.

The sea, for this adventurous English, is a real passion, to which he will always return. "I bought my first boat for 450 dollars in the Sixties, I spent 700 dollars to renovate it". He had just sold his second boat (because his wife was going to have a baby) that one proposed another one to him. He said no very firmly, but nevertheless he went to see it in the port of San Diego, and he did not resist more than one minute. Today, the West Star is part of the family. He equipped specially (with an elevator, a flat bridge...) for an association with handicapped plungers that he regularly helps to practise this sport. And when he is not at sea, he bestrides his powerful Yamaha Xmax, "the fastest motor bike of the world", affirms he with passion.

Does he regret not to play the Lockridge adventurer again ? Yes and no, because Nicolas Coster has more than an idea in his head... The show will have given him one of his best memories : to be invited in France, a country he adores and had been treated like Mick Jagger !