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Maiden name : Blake

Year of birth : 1954

Mother : Phyllis Blake

Brothers and Sister : Stan Benson (half-brother), Mack Blake, Summer Blake

Married to : Stockman DeMott (1977-1984), C.C. Capwell (1985, 1986-1987), Keith Timmons (1988), Mason Capwell (1989), Lionel Lockridge (1992-...)


Children : Lily "Light" Blake, Brandon DeMott (adopted), Channing Capwell III

Former known boyfriends : Vic DeAngelo (197?), Hank Judson (198?), Angel Ramirez (1986), Dr. Alex Nikolas (1987), Dr. Scott Clark (1987-1988), Ethan Asher (1989-1990), Craig Hunt (1991), David Raymond (1992)

Professions : Stockman DeMott's secretary, manufacturer of the Mrs. Capwell's Cookies, Keith Timmons' secretary, owner of the pension Gina's Place, co-president of Armonti Industries, waitress at Howie's Diner, waitress at The Lair, secretary at The Oasis, secretary at the sperm bank, Lionel Lockridge's secretary, manager of Gina Jeans


Linda Gibboney :
September 20 1984 (# 39) to December 09 1985 (# 347)

Robin Mattson :
December 10 1985 (# 348) to January 15 1993 (# 2137)


Gina's life is certainly one of the most animated of all Santa Barbara. At the same time blackmail user but faithful and sincere in her feelings, Gina turns up in town one fine day of 1984, accompanied with her foster son Brandon and her sister Summer. Her husband, Stockman DeMott, has just died and she comes to meet C.C. Capwell who allowed her in the past, out of friendship for Stockman, to adopt Brandon.

Attracted by the Capwells fortune, Gina gets closer very fast to C.C.. She does not make the unanimity among his children, Eden seeing her as a competitor in her father's heart, and Mason understanding very fast her real intentions. The death of Summer in January 1985, causes her a first big sorrow, even if her sister will not be mentioned any more afterward. Gina has in any case another role to play than the one of unfortunate victim : from now on established within the Capwell family, she uses all schemes and immoralities to keep her place. A first wedding ceremony with C.C. is interrupted for a legal motive by Mason, C.C.'s elder son. Gina hurries to organize a new ceremony, all the more fast as a man of her past, Hank Judson, threatens to tell C.C. the dark hours of her young years. Even once married to C.C., she tries to kill Hank after he raped her, as he had already done it in the past with Summer. He dies in the collapse of the tunnel between the Capwell and Lockridge villas, but Gina is not out of trouble anymore : become hooked on painkilling medicine that Hank sold to her, she has to be in detox.

She hurries to be cured to find her place with C.C. again, especially after having learnt by Eden that Santana Andrade, a friend of the family, is in fact Brandon's biological mother. To make sure to be able to keep her son whom she loves above all, she hides from C.C. that she is not pregnant of him, contrary to what she had announced him. She thus works things out so that she changes that as quickly as possible, by sleeping under the pressure with Mason, who request from her a part of Brandon's inheritance against his silence. Attracted by his dark and also manipulator side, Gina falls quickly under his charm. She learns that she is pregnant, but loses her baby after a fall in the staircases of the Capwell villa, for which she accuses Santana and Sophia Armonti of having pushed her. The consequences are terrible for Gina, who learns that she cannot have a child any more. Her infidelities with Mason are very fast discovered by C.C., who surprises them together in bed. Gina finds herself banished from the mansion and from C.C.'s will. While this latter falls into a coma, she spirits away his will to preserve her wife and heiress status. Jealous of the relation whom Mason has with Mary DuVall, C.C.'s nurse, she works things to make them break up. But Mason does not forgive her this action and rejects her.

Panicked in the idea that C.C. wakes up from his coma and rejects her definitively, she builds a plan to disconnect C.C.'s life support system, while making everyone believe that it is Eden who has done it. Her plan works, even if C.C. survives. But her guilt is discovered by Kirk Cranston, while at the same time, C.C. goes finally out of his coma. Gina is forced to leave completely naked the Capwell villa, under the eyes of all the Capwells gathered. She settles down in the hotel, where joins her Hayley Benson, her kind and naive niece. Victim of the blackmail whom Kirk exercises on her, Gina sees herself forced by him to help him to get rid of Eden, whom he meanwhile married. In the Capwell boathouse, she complies with his directives to shot Eden, but she warns her when she arrives on the spot. In the action, Gina falls in the pond, without her body could be found. She lets everyone believe she is dead, leaving in the confidence only Hayley and Angel Ramirez, a dealer who accommodates her at his home. She saves the life of Eden and Cruz Castillo, who get almost killed by Kirk in Aqualand, and so win their gratitude. Even if her guilt in C.C.'s murder attempt is from now on known, she obtains the forgiveness of the family.

Always bothered by the presence of Santana near her son Brandon, Gina decides to resort to drastic measures to get rid of her : she replaces Santana's medicine by drugs pills which Angel sells her, and so makes her addicted. Witness of the extra-marital affair which Santana has with district attorney Keith Timmons, she works things out so that he helps her in her plan. Gina reaches her goal : Santana finds herself ousted in a detoxification center. She even manages to put the blame of the purchase of the drug on Keith. Never in rest of an idea allowing her to blackmail the Capwells, Gina finds in this year of 1986 the object of her dreams : a videotape able to acquit Kelly of Dylan Hartley's death. She proposes a deal to C.C. : the tape against a marriage. C.C. has no other choice than to accept, while he was about of remarry his ex-wife, Sophia. Feeling tracked down, Gina makes everyone believe she is dead for a while, then reappears while Sophia and C.C. are celebrating their remarriage. Gina becomes then again Mrs. C.C . Capwell.

Meanwhile, Gina learns that the stillborn baby whom she had further to a rape while she was thirteen years old is still alive. This very alive child turns out being Lily Light, the young evangelist who puts all Santa Barbara to fire and the sword. And who also shares Mason's bed. Moved by this reunion, Gina succeeds in convincing Lily that she has never given her up, because she thought that she had died. Pushed to the limit by C.C. who continues his affair with Sophia in spite of their marriage, Gina eventually gives in and gives him the videotape at the beginning of 1987. Lily has since left the city, but Gina has much to do with her niece Hayley, whom she tries with great difficulty to comfort after the rape she was victim of. If she begins to date Keith Timmons, their unpredictable and fancifully characters sometimes create sparks, but prevent them from stabilizing as a couple. This is how Gina finally gets closer to a scientist, Dr. Alex Nikolas. But the old habits cannot be forgotten, and Gina finds herself to quickly use their relation to steal from him a serum which she resells at a high price to C.C..

This is when she finds the track of Pamela Conrad, C.C.'s previous wife whom everybody considered dead. She buys her potions to cure her face deformed by a terrible disease and makes her reach the Capwell mansion with the aim of making part C.C. and Sophia. But during a quarrel at the courthouse with C.C., Gina falls on the ground and wakes up blind. She is cured by Dr. Scott Clark and begins an affair with him, happy to find a man who judges her not for what she has done, but for what she is. Their affair lasts until Scott discovers that Gina hid him her cure for several weeks and feigns her blindness. She does not however remain alone for a long time. Keith, affected by their break-up, became aware of his love for her and proposes her to marry him.

Prisoner of a sect, candidate at The Wheel of Fortune, blackmailer of Pamela after having discovered that she tried to poison Kelly... The beginning of year 1988 is very busy for Gina. The peak is reached during the summer when she finally marries Keith, with whom she shares, besides a passion for sexual whims, a sincere love. A new chance to shine opens to Gina, when she is the first one to discover that Mason did not die further to an explosion, but that he lives in Las Vegas and suffers from split personality. With Keith's help, she teaches Sonny Sprocket, Mason's new personality, to speak and to act as him so that he helps her to get her hands on the Capwell fortune. Keith, noticeably jealous to see Gina so close to Mason and caught up by judicial scandals, leaves the city without leaving a forwarding address. Gina is devastated. She finds a little of fantasy by transforming the Lockridge mansion, in which she lives from now on, in a pension and by welcoming there eccentric Bunny Tagliatti. Seduced by this big-hearted mafioso who likes to disguise in woman, Gina sees however in him only a friend, in the big despair of Bunny. But all this does not prevent her from finishing with her plan regarding Mason / Sonny : at the beginning of 1989, she marries him, to all Santa Barbara's surprise. But during the ceremony, Mason / Sonny is shot. At his awakening, Mason finds his full personality back and divorces Gina.

If Brandon eventually discovers that Gina is not his biological mother, their very close and loving relationship does not take offence at it. After having formed a partnership with businessman Robert Barr, the Capwells' public enemy n░1, Gina becomes fond of the new district attorney, Ethan Asher. But this latter is married to Laura, a friend of childhood of Gina's. At first hesitating, Gina eventually begins an affair with him, again to Bunny's great displeasure. Gina's family gets bigger then, with the arrival in town of her brother Mack, then of their mother, eccentric Phyllis. When she discovers the affair of her husband with Gina, Laura sets fire to the Lockridge mansion, and Gina, Brandon and Phyllis has no other solution than to settle down in Mack's trailer. Always full of resources, Gina feigns blindness to have access more freely to the Capwell mansion, where she organizes with her mother the exchange of C.C.'s paintings against fakes until she discovers that Lionel Lockridge had the same idea as her ! She so becomes allied with him, until C.C. notices the stratagem.

At the end of 1990, encouraged by Brandon, Gina decides to search for Keith, whom she was never able to forget. Battling against a gangster also on Keith's tracks, Gina and Brandon find him in DisneyWorld. But Gina always has difficulty in forgiving him his precipitated departure two years earlier. She thus shows herself reluctant when he proposes to her to marry him again and to start with him the family she always dreamed about. Jealous to see him hanging around the attractive Flame Beaufort, Gina eventually doubts Keith's perfect integrity. Further to C.C.'s threats to take Brandon away from her if she marries Keith, Gina prefers to break up and Keith leaves again the city, still pursued for new embezzlements. So it is alone that Gina decides to start a procedure to adopt a child. She obtains a job at the Santa Barbara sperm bank, and has finally the idea to steal samples of C.C.'s and Mason's sperm, and inseminates herself with C.C.'s sperm. During her pregnancy, she lets herself being seduced by Craig Hunt, C.C.'s henchman. They date many times, even if however their relation does not go very far. Finally, at Christmas Eve 1991, is born, in a veterinary clinic, Channing Capwell III.

Right from her delivery, Gina goes on collecting the exuberances and other unpredictable behaviors. Her daughter Lily, who meanwhile joined her, discovers that she suffers from postpartum depression. Gina refuses that C.C. has a right on her baby, and settles down at Lionel Lockridge's who, by a combination of circumstances, had helped her to deliver. She undergoes a legal action initiated by C.C., and lets herself being seduced by David Raymond, her lawyer. Associated with Lionel to make one of C.C.'s business contract fail, Gina finds herself involved with the death of a rich Japanese businessman, Mr. Taksan. To escape the police, she skips into a theater performance at the Oasis and marries Lionel on stage. This strategic union eventually becomes the one of a lifetime, when Gina realizes that she is really in love with Lionel, and vice versa. As at the time of Mrs. Capwell's Cookies which she had created in 1986 (according to a recipe stolen from Rosa Andrade), Gina decides to go into business by creating her own brand of clothes, Gina Jeans. She so makes work Lisa Fenimore and Rafe Castillo as models, to the great displeasure of Lily, in love with Rafe. Always close to Lily, she supports her when she finally changes of fiancÚ for Ted Capwell and decides to marry him at the very end of 1992.

Through years, Gina will have lost the dangerous and almost criminal side of her plans and schemes. She will have won in thoughtlessness, while keeping this so original and likeable side which makes of her a blended family mother really not as the others at the end of the show...

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