Warren Lockridge




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Identity   Interpreters
Year of birth : 1962

Mother : Augusta Lockridge

Raised by : Augusta and Lionel Lockridge

Sister : Laken Lockridge (half-sister)

Married to : B.J. Walker (1993-...)


Former known girlfriends : Summer Blake (1984-1985), Maggie Gillis (1985), Cassandra Benedict (1990), Angela Raymond (1991-1992)

Professions : Sea rescuer, director of the newpapers Santa Barbara Sentinel, Santa Barbara Conscience and Santa Barbara Bulletin, journalism teacher


John Allen Nelson :
August 01 1984 (# 3) to April 29 1986 (# 446)

Scott Jenkins :
January 07 1987 (# 621) to March 24 1987 (# 675)

Jack Wagner :
July 01 1991 (# 1746) to January 15 1993 (# 2137)


Warren Lockridge is, in the first years of Santa Barbara, presented as the hothead and seducer son of Augusta and Lionel Lockridge. Not decided to take over the control of an empire in full decline, Warren lives on casual jobs, in particular as a sea rescuer, before acquiring later the local newspaper, Santa Barbara Sentinel.

Very close to Lionel, his father whom he enormously respects, Warren tries to help him when he is suspected of the murder of Channing Capwell Junior five years ago. He tries to destroy proofs of the affair which his father formerly had with Sophia Capwell, and which could hide a motive for the murder. Due to his actions, he finds himself too, for a while, on the list of the suspects. On the love side, he gives up very fast his views on his sister Laken's friend, Jade Perkins, for beautiful Summer Blake. He really falls in love with her, in spite of her difficulties to consume physically their common passion further to a rape which traumatized her. Warren shows himself patient, until Summer is murdered by the carnation killer, a.k.a. Peter Flint, at the very beginning of 1985.

He meets then Maggie Gillis, Cruz Castillo's partner in the police, and they both fall in love. But Maggie is married and refuses to deceive her husband, Ben, for whom she is responsible since he became deaf, mute, blind and paralyzed after an explosion on the Capwell oil rig where he worked. Warren takes her situation to heart and encourages her to initiate a judicial battle to obtain damages for Ben. He obtains Mason Capwell's help who represents them against his own father, and allows Maggie to obtain compensation. Against her will, Maggie leads Ben in a specialized health care establishment, but however gives up finding Warren to remain faithful to her husband.

Warren finds then comfort only in game, becoming an obsessive addict of the new Capwell casino. After new catastrophic losses at the roulette, he steals the receipts of the day to pay off his debts. But he is recognized by Sophia Capwell. To avoid him the prison, his father gives in to C.C. Capwell's blackmail and gives him all the Lockridge properties. Filled with guilt, Warren resigns to follow a treatment to be cured of his gambling addiction.

He returns briefly in Santa Barbara at the beginning of 1987, but his marks have disappeared : his sister Laken left, and his mother Augusta left his father. Warren prefers to clear off again.

He really reappears only in 1991, quietened down but still a womanizer. Become an inveterate smoker of cigars, Warren seems to take the events with distance and has fun with the various events of which he is a victim. It is with this appearance of arrogance that he calls for Cruz Castillo to help him to get out of a gaol in Bangkok while he risks there death penalty. At his return in Santa Barbara, he learns in astonishment that Cassandra Benedict, with whom he had an affair in Singapore, is in fact Minx Lockridge's hidden daughter, thus his aunt. Still in love with her, he does not stop harassing her and making her reconsider her wedding projects with Mason Capwell. However it does not prevent him from seducing Angela Raymond, the wife of judge David Raymond, and from beginning an affair with her.

During Cassandra and Mason's engagement party, somebody shoots this latter and kills Amado Gonzalez. Warren, woken by the shot, finds the murder weapon on the balcony of Angela's apartment. A photo taken during the evening moreover shows him the rifle in the hand, aiming at the Oasis terrace where the drama took place. Warren is so suspected. He nevertheless pursues his projects to take Cassandra away from Mason by interrupting their wedding ceremony in San Francisco. He kidnaps Cassandra and launches into an armed speed chase in the disused Alcatraz prison. At his return, he is arrested and thrown in prison. He finds an immoderate support on Angela's behalf, who gets closer to Craig Hunt whom she suspects, to obtain proofs against him. At the trial, Warren is acquitted for lack of proofs, until Craig is finally accused.

Blaming Cassandra for having considered him for one moment guilty of having made an attempt on Mason's life, Warren breaks any links with her. What was at first only a one-night stand with Angela becomes then a big passion. And Cassandra may try to separate them, Warren remains attached to her. However he falls off the wagon when, at the beginning of 1992, he learns the terrible secret which haunted his mother for years : he is not Lionel's son, but of a somber casual lover of Augusta's. What he believes to be one of Cassandra's manoeuvre to break any family ties between them nevertheless turns out to be the truth. But nothing can be done, Warren remains faithful to Angela.

Meanwhile, Warren continues his career in journalism : after having created a new newspaper, Santa Barbara Conscience, he begins to give writing lessons in high school. It is there that he meets Troy, a young boy without home, who attends his courses. Warren accommodates him at his home, before discovering that Troy is in fact a girl named B.J. Walker. He supports her when she has to face her old demons : sexual abuses she underwent of a friend of her parents' during her youth. He falls in love with her and abandons Angela, in spite of their wedding projects. Warren leads B.J. to follow a therapy with an old friend, Dr. Skyler Gates, then helps her to prove her innocence when her rapist, Frank Goodman, is found murdered. After a romantic trip in San Francisco, Warren accompanies B.J. in her trial for murder. He finally succeeds in making her become aware of her innocence and can finally envisage a more serene future with her.

So Warren marries B.J. during the last episode of the show, concluding in a blaze of glory the comeback of a secondary character become late in life a leading hero...

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