A love of soap

 By Isabelle Caron, TÚlÚ 7 Jours, 1992

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It was necessary that they fall in love ! The scenario of General Hospital required it. Kristina Malandro played the princess Felicia Cummings, from Aztec descent (please !) and Jack Wagner, Frisco Jones, a rock'n'roll singer become police officer (why not ?). The meeting took place in 1983. Hot. So much so that the two heroes, soon married on TV, even had a child born on September 4, 1990 (his name is Peter Jolin Wagner), whereas in the show was going to be born their little Maximilienne one month later ! But the fiction had to give way to reality. Wedding, on the other hand, it was not question. Kristina was already divorced from her gym teacher, married when she was still only a high-school girl, and did not want to do it again. She was undoubtedly right because the soap, which had joined them together, separated them. As if the writers had had a premonition, they imagined that Frisco Jones, at the time of his career of police officer, left Port Charles (the place of the show), his wife and their child.

In life, Jack Wagner left the show in June 1991 to play the character of Warren Lockridge, in July of the same year, in Santa Barbara. He is always there, and fall even in love with B.J. Walker, the new heroin that plays Sydney Penny. As for Kristina, the departure of her companion made her sick - really sick - and she had, at her turn, to leave General Hospital, in July 1991, to cure her moral sufferings and to take care of her child. Moreover, her parents, despaired to see her in a such state, then helped her a lot by curing her "with television". They showed her video tapes of her soap to show her that she had known happiness while playing it and thus that she had, one day, to try to return in it. The therapy was good. She took again her role on May 22, 1992 and sees again Jack Wagner, but only for their child, so that he has real parents.