«My true passion is music !»

 By Virginie Sellier, Télé 2 Semaines, 2006

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Jack Wagner, a.k.a. Nick, master captain who makes capsize the hearts of The Bold and the Beautiful, likes the ditty. This soaps frequenter (from General Hospital to Melrose Place and Santa Barbara) goes back to his first loves. And when he is interviewed, he does not drop his guitar for a second. Interview between two concords.

You made a disc, Dancing in the Moonlight. Is this to change you from the routine of The Bold and the Beautiful ?

No ! My first passion is music. In the United States, I am more known as a musician. On your premise, I am only the guy who slept with Heather Locklear in Melrose Place ! (Laughs.) If I had not made any more album for ten years, I continued to sing and play. In the Eighties, I had signed on Quincy Jones' label, and my title All I Need was number two on the American billboard. (He takes his instrument and begins to play his song.)

Do you like yourselves in the part of Nick ?

Yes, I like his a little lost side, who smokes, drink and live on his boat. But he will have to learn how to behave a little better with women.

In your contract, you required to be able to intervene on the scripts. Did they appear to you not very credible ?

A little. I wanted to collaborate with the writers, it was the condition to come back in a TV show. It is a big job : I rewrite, I try to make the things a little more realistic. But well, that remains a soap ! (Laughs.)

Did you lose your illusions with cinema ?

I pass a casting from time to time, but I am too much marked. It would be necessary that I move away from TV to, perhaps, succeed in it. But I do not want it. Now, I start a tour, and this is the most important.