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Complete name : Victoria Gwendolyn Lane

Nickname : Tori

Father : William Lane

Mother : Dorothy Lane


Married to : Mason Capwell (1987-1988)

Child : Chip Capwell Castillo

Former known boyfriends : Cruz Castillo (197?), Martin Ellis (198?-1986)

Professions : Sterwardess, actress, voluntary nurse at the hospital, waitress at the Country-club


Kristen Meadows :
September 01 1986 (# 532) to January 23 1989 (# 1128)


Victoria Lane arrives in Santa Barbara in 1986 as the new perfect rival for Eden Capwell. Former girlfriend of Cruz Castillo, she had left him the day when Katie Timmons, Keith's sister, committed suicide in the ocean, jealous of her relation with Cruz. Since become an actress in Hollywood, she decides to join Cruz, followed by her betrohed Martin Ellis, a somewhat violent professional tennis player.

Victoria begins her first weeks harassed by Keith, become the new district attorney, who accuses her of the death of his sister and accuses her of murder. She finds the support of Cruz, who manages to temper Keith, and immediately falls back in love with him.

Conscious than Cruz will never leave Eden for her, she benefits of a shipwreck in boat with him to arrive to her purpose. Whereas Cruz is half-unconscious and believes to see Eden, Victoria makes love with him. She learns after a few weeks that she is pregnant, but says nothing to him. She even decides to finish with life and tries to throw herself from the top of the Capwell Hotel, when she is retained in her dash by Mason Capwell. Very quickly, she is seduced by him whereas he only sees in her a copy of Mary, his lover who had just died in a terrible accident.

But when C.C. Capwell learns by chance the identity of the father of the child, he orders Mason to marry Victoria. To keep intact the couple of Eden and Cruz, he proposes a consequent heritage to Mason if he adopts by the same occasion the child and gives him the name of Capwell. What does Mason, who marries Victoria in a ceremony one cannot sober any more. Victoria is confined a little time later at the beach house with the help of Cruz, who is unaware at this time that he is the father of the baby that he helps to born. Mason takes immediately officially in charge the declaration of birth, not omitting to baptize the baby of his own choice C.C. Capwell III.

The little Chip then undergoes the worst adventures weeks after weeks : he is initially kidnapped by his baby-sitter who tries to commit suicide with him, then he is kidnapped by Paul Marshall for the account of an adoption agency. But Victoria is not behindhand : her agent, Leonard Still, flees with the amount of her pays of actress. She thereafter refinds her old friend Mel Stock, who proposes her a role in a movie shot in Santa Barbara. Against Mason's opinion, she accepts. But Mel is a cocaine addict and initiates Victoria, whereas she looks for comfort after having learned that Julia Wainwright is pregnant of Mason. The last months of her marriage with Mason are a real suffering. Lucid of the fact that Mason has never been in love with her, she must accept to see him working daily with Julia and to see them getting closer.

Become unable to act on her own, she enters a detoxication clinic and is constrained to divorce by Mason. Chip suddenly needing a bone-marrow transplant, Victoria is constrained to then avow to the unique potential donor, Cruz, that he is his biological father. Mason finally accepts to leave the guard of the child to Eden and Cruz.

After Mel's death that she involuntarily contributed while bringing some cocaine in his hospital room, Victoria finds herself idle, without any husband and long term project. Despite some little jobs and the support of some new friends like Major Phillip Hamilton and Dr. Arthur Donnelly, Victoria ends by leaving Santa Barbara at the beginning of 1989, giving up the memories of her child behind her...

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