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Former known boyfriends : Mike (1987), Ted Capwell (1988)

Professions : Model, waitress at The Lair


Eva LaRue :
March 02 1988 (# 901) to July 13 1988 (# 994)


It is at the night-club The Lair that Margot Collins makes her first appearance in March 1988. She introduces herself to T.J. Daniels and Ted Capwell as a poor young woman victim of a car breakdown who needs to phone. Not doubting her sincerity in face of her pretty smile, T.J. even goes until offering her to stay and work for him as a waitress.

But it turns out that Margot has behind her a despicable past : with her friend Darlene, she used to seduce young and rich men to steal their fortune. In addition, her past as a model hides in real activities likely related to prostitution, and some stays in jail.

But despite Darlene's reminders, Margot decides to change her life and to afford to herself a new respectability. If she turns around the wealthy heir Ted Capwell, it is because she fell in love with him, not of his dollars. But Ted is not available to invest himself in a relationship, still being in a period of mourning after the death of his ex-wife Hayley Benson, earlier this year. However Margot binds friendship with Jake Morton, T.J., and goes alongside with a certain confidence with the Capwells at various parties organized at The Lair.

If the months she spent in Santa Barbara did not offer her any real storyline, her last days will however be more eventful. Margot is contacted by her friend Darlene to help her steal the jewels auctioned at a charity party held at the museum. Determined not to depart from her new line of upright and honest conduct, Margot refuses to participate in the theft, despite Darlene's threats to reveal her past to the Capwells. But Margot resists to the blackmail and will even goes until helping the police to arrest Darlene once the robbery committed. If Ted agrees to turn a blind eye to Margot's past, he however confirms not to feel any romantic feelings for her. Disappointed, Margot decides on a whim to leave the town, as discreet as she lived there these few months.

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