«I became addicted to scientific investigations»

 By Vincent Rousselet-Blanc, Télé 2 Semaines, 2008

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Unemployed in June 2005, going on her 40 years old, Eva LaRue was not seeing the life on a good side. Three months later, she rejoins in an unexpectable way David Caruso's CSI, during season 4. It is with a big smile that the Californian woman told us, during a visit in Paris, her formidable destiny.

How can you find yourself in CSI : Miami whereas you were living and working in New York ?

By chance ! I had just lost my part in All my Children, a soap in which I was playing for twelve years. I benefited from it to go to see my family in Los Angeles. There, I learn that the writers of the show are in the search of a woman, quickly. I get registered at the casting... which is programmed the day of my return in New York ! I could not pass it. Fortunately, they called me back.

You made the deal immediately ?

Oh no, it was the worst audition of my life ! (She laughs.) I had the impression that my text was in Japanese : I did not even know how to pronounce the scientific terms... I did not understand anything to what I said. Moreover, I had never followed the show before, I had just looked at some episodes before the casting. I started again the scene five times ! At the end, I was so depressed that I thought of giving up my career. And they nevertheless took me.

David Caruso, the star of the show, does not have the reputation to be easy at work...

You are wrong ! He is super professional, very demanding, perfectionist. David is everywhere, but he is also very protective. He helped me a lot to get integrated and always worried about knowing what I thought of the scenes. He does not play it personal, he is a head team who adores the show and wants it to be the most perfect possible. We enormously work.

What are your favourite TV shows since CSI did not form part of them ?

I adore House, MD; Hugh Laurie is huge ! Except it, I am not especially attracted by the dramatic series. I am rather fan of Grey's Anatomy, Heroes, The West Wing. But by discovering CSI : Miami, I became addicted to scientific investigations... Ten years ago, one did not put a man in prison starting from a grain of dust. Today, the realism of our stories is fascinating. I learn every day from it.