Jeffrey Conrad




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Identity   Interpreter
Father : Michael Conrad

Mother : Pamela Conrad

Brother and sister : Mason Capwell (half-brother), Elena Nikolas (half-sister)

  Married to : Elizabeth McClain (198?-1982), Kelly Capwell (1987-1989)

Former known girlfriends : Sarah Swayne (197?), Illiana (1988)

Profession : Driver of the Capwells, laboratory assistant at Dr. Alex Nikolas' laboratory, advertising executive at Delta pharmaceuticals, employed at Pamela Conrad's oil company


Ross Kettle :
December 11 1986 (# 603) to January 05 1989 (# 1118)


Character at first surrounded by mystery, Jeffrey makes his first appearance in 1986, by saving Sophia Capwell threatened by an unstable beam during works at Johnny's Place. As thanks, Jeffrey is welcomed with open arms at the Capwell mansion where C.C. proposes him a place as a driver. C.C. and Sophia entrust him later the mission to make return their daughter Kelly, exiled in Switzerland because sought after by the police for the murder of Dylan Hartley. Jeffrey thus leaves for Europe from where he is native and finds Kelly. Escaping from the police, the couple regains Santa Barbara and Kelly is quickly cleared thanks to Gina DeMott's videotape which proves her innocence.

Jeffrey finds then Dr. Alex Nikolas and Mason Capwell, with who he prepares a plan to destroy C.C., who he judges responsible of his mother's death. But he realizes his love for Kelly and decides to stop. The couple, then in love, decides to move in together. But Kelly is not at the end of her surprises when Jeffrey acknowledges her that he is the son of Pamela, the first wife of her father ! Immediately mistrustful towards him, C.C. makes start some searchings and discovers that Jeffrey had been formerly accused, in England, of the murder of his wife, Elizabeth. Even if Jeffrey explains to Kelly that it was a suicide in car, she remains a long time suspicious towards him.

The events accelerate then with the return in town of the aforementioned Pamela, that everyone, except Jeffrey, believed dead. It is still the moment when Kelly and Jeffrey decide to make one in front of God and... hundreds of guests. A memorable ceremony which is used as a diversion for Cruz Castillo, arrested by the police for the murder of Elena Nikolas. Kelly finally falls pregnant, but loses her baby a few weeks later. Mentally pushed by his mother against Kelly, Jeffrey is not able to forgive her. Kelly then flees towards the first who tightens her an attentive ear, T.J. Daniels, Sophia's lover, who very quickly becomes hers. Jeffrey, by his side, becomes acquainted with Illiana, a young singer he likes to accompany at the piano and starts a love-affair with her, which however does not last.

But disappointed by the infidelity of his wife, he meets T.J., that Kelly has just left, and makes an agreement with him to get rid of her in order to share the heritage. However, he quickly regrets to have fallen into such an excess. But T.J., decided to blackmail him with a recording of their conversation, constrains Jeffrey to continue their plan. During a fight with T.J., Jeffrey falls into a coma which causes him serious cerebral damages, forcing him to remain mute and immobilised in a wheelchair several weeks. But once restored, Jeffrey continues to be the victim of T.J.'s blackmail. They then both plan to kill Kelly in the train where takes place the Capwells' ceremony of New Year's Eve 1989. Jeffrey however ends by regaining his self-control and, while beating him, pushes T.J. who falls from the running wagon.

Knowing her healthy and saved, Jeffrey accepts the divorce that Kelly submits to him and decides to leave the town, having lived too many dramas to hope knowing happiness with her again...

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