The weddings of Santa Barbara
Kelly Capwell and Jeffrey Conrad's engagement


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Back from their trip in search of Mason, their common half brother, in the heart of the Californian desert, Kelly Capwell and Jeffrey Conrad grant themselves a brief moment of rest. It is necessary to say that since their first meeting in Zurich, these both did not have too much time to recover : a flight through Europe, a secret return to Santa Barbara, and a crazy race of hiding places to hiding places to escape Keith Timmons. They succeed however in savoring a peace moment during which they accept to love each other, when Kelly will have been cleared of Dylan Hartley's murder. Then, having accepted the fact that Jeffrey is Pamela Pepperidge Capwell's son, the ally of Dr. Alex Nikolas, Kelly lets finally her heart guide her.

Back in the house where they decided to live, they allow themselves to take advantage of each other and to catch their breath, especially since Eden came back recently.

Kelly is reading on the sofa of their house when she has a phone call. It is Jeffrey who calls her on another line, avid to hear again her voice. Kelly does not know it, but he is too in the house. During their conversation, Kelly notices that the line is very bad. In spite of a first refusal, Jeffrey explains to her how to unsettle the receiver and to see what there is inside. Kelly is afraid of being electrocuted. Then, she seems to remember that generally, we make it when we suppose to be spied. Jeffrey has to use trickery to convince her. Kelly eventually makes it and surprised, she finds a ring inside.

And while Kelly looks at the ring (which looks like an engagement ring), Jeffrey, another receiver in the hand, penetrates into the living room. Back to him, Kelly does not notice his presence at once.

Jeffrey approaches her, slowly, a serious face as if he waited for something important. Then he asks her to marry him.

A wide smile illuminates Kelly's face, which lets to presume with no doubt possible the answer. However, this latter does not answer immediately to Jeffrey who waits, with impatience, for Kelly's answer. But she thinks about it. In reality, we can imagine that she plays with him. Moreover, Jeffrey also seems to have understood him and quickly enters the game, by specifying that this game is dangerous for him, that he is cardiac. He suggests even her, if it turns out to be necessary, to contact his cardiologist.

Kelly eventually accepts his proposal. While he throws himself into her arms to kiss her, Kelly stops him. She asks him to put the ring on her finger, and agrees to marry him.

Before exchanging a passionate kiss, they share a long look towards the future. Kelly decides to announce this big news, this same evening, at the family diner in honour of Eden's return, although this announcement to the family risks to raise some problems, in particular for C.C. Capwell. Indeed, this latter was already completely against the fact that his daughter dates his ex-wife's son. But Kelly seems determined this time to marry the man she loves, with or without her father's blessing. It is almost certain that her heart remembers all this time lost during her relation with Joe Perkins. At that time already, her heart vibrated for this man of modest origin, who did not make the unanimity with his father. This time, she makes the promise to herself to listen to her heart and to follow the way which it dictates her. If, in past, she had had this strength and this courage to oppose to her father, to her brother, maybe that Joe, her Joe, would not have spent five years of his life in prison, far away from her...

Kelly wonders then about what urged Jeffrey to make her this demand at least original. In reply, he explains her that as their first contact was made by phone whereas she was in Zurich, he decided to keep this way of communication, as an invisible link between them. Kelly is happy to notice the tenderness he brings to this souvenir.

In the evening, Kelly and Jeffrey go to the Capwell mansion on the occasion of a diner which is going to gather all the family. It is in the big living-room of the villa, next to the atrium, that is held the family meeting. Ted, Eden, C.C. and Sophia are already there, all a little bit worried on Eden's reasons in the absence of Cruz. C.C. gets angry at once of Jeffrey's presence, but fortunately Sophia is there to calm him : making him clearly understand that if he does not accept the presence of this man, he risks to lose his daughter. Kelly moves aside one moment to join Eden, to show her in the biggest discretion the ring which she wears since a few hours at her finger, and especially to ask her for the authorization to inform the family this evening about her engagement with Jeffrey Conrad. Both sisters are in the seventh heaven and show a real complicity.

While C.C. gives a toast for the resurrection of his daughter, Cain Garver enters the room. C.C. nearly fails again, and again Sophia intervenes and goes to welcome the mountain man. For C.C., the evening is turning in nightmare, mainly because of the presence of these two men. Cain, aware of the embarrassment caused by his presence, chooses to walk in the park of the property. C.C. can then end his toast on the enjoyment of Eden's return. Sheltered from everyone, hidden behind a pillar, Elena Nikolas (of whom we recently learnt the filiation) observes all the scene, while one by one from Sophia to Ted and Kelly, say their love to Eden.

In return, Eden confides them that it is thanks to the love that she has for them that she was able to find in herself the strength to fight to return. Touched by this moment of grace, Sophia prays so that they can soon hold another meeting to celebrate the return of Mason, of whom they are without news for several weeks.

Ted accompanies Eden who decided to search for Cain. Kelly insists then to speak to the family. She announces them that he asked her to become his wife and that she accepted.

In these words, Sophia holds C.C. and even takes place between him and the new couple, sure of the violence of his answer... It is her too who congratulates them sincerely, happy of the news. C.C., as for him, turns away and murmurs to himself that this wedding will not take place.

Sophia eventually accepts the engagement of her daughter, justifying their silence by the surprise. Then, she wishes them all the happiness of the world and accepts Jeffrey in the family. Which is not C.C.'s case, who accuses Jeffrey to have killed his first wife. And, very fast, C.C. lets explode his anger : how his daughter dares to challenge his authority ? As Eden said to her one moment earlier, Kelly knows how to find at the bottom of herself the strength to fight against her father and so to impose her will.

In front of her, Kelly stands up to her father and requires from him to reveal her the true reasons of his refusal. But C.C. remains mute; he prefers for the moment to keep silent about his reasons, which are quite connected to his daughter's past. Jeffrey, as for him, wants to avoid a fight at all costs, and asks Kelly to leave. Previously, he stipulates to C.C. that this wedding will take place with or without his consent.

Sophia remains immovable, the look charged of anger against C.C.; she knows that he will not know how to keep silent his anger any longer, unconscious of the consequences.

And this anger does not delay to explode. At first, it is guessed on his face, then it is read in his comments. While only Sophia remains mute, Kelly, again, intervenes between her father's threats and her fiancÚ. Aware that the situation slides inexorably towards a breaking point, Sophia chooses to intervene, to prevent her family from exploding again.

Kelly asks then to stay alone with her father and orders to Jeffrey to leave the room : she has to settle herself this heavy difference between she and her father, a difference which takes its roots from the past, she is too conscious of this. Sophia, accompanied with Jeffrey, leaves the room, leaving them not face to face but back to back.

C.C. turns away the first one. He eventually admits the true reasons which urge him to be wary about Jeffrey, besides the fact that he does not trust him. C.C. continues, even if he knows that he questions the judgment of his daughter. But after all, does the past prove him that he is right ? He says to his daughter that she too much relies on the others and that is why he has to watch more over her than Eden. He reminds her about Peter Flint and Dylan Hartley, on whom she relied and who made her ending at the hospital.

Kelly answers that she will not discuss her choices with him. She would have preferred to get married with his approval, but if he refuses to attend her wedding, she won't make a huge drama. She adds that is not a son-in-law that he is going to lose in this affair, but his daughter.
Kelly leaves then the room and the Capwell mansion, leaving Sophia in front of her fears. Kelly is comforted by Jeffrey, who feels guilty of the situation between Kelly and C.C.. Besides, he finds some excuses in the behavior of his future father-in-law. Kelly stays on her positions, not understanding why her father does not succeed in seeing her happiness and the strength of her love for Jeffrey.

During this time, at the Capwell mansion, C.C. and Sophia violently opposes to each other. Sophia tries to break C.C.'s stubbornness, trying to make him understand that if he imposes on Kelly to choose between him and Jeffrey, it is Jeffrey whom she will choose. C.C. is perfectly conscious of what is at stake, but at the bottom of himself, he cannot, it is beyond his strengths, accept in the family, in his family, the son of Pamela, his first wife. He then tries to explain to Sophia that, for him, Jeffrey or Pamela are all the same. But Sophia remains deaf in his arguments. If Kelly relies on Jeffrey, then they have to make it too and it is true indeed whether he is Pamela's son.

Long months will still be needed so that C.C. accepts the marriage of his daughter with Jeffrey. It will then be necessary for him to accept and to face, in addition to everything else, the return in town of Pamela. The wedding will be celebrated in the garden of the Capwell mansion, and will for a while allow to calm all the tensions between C.C. and Pamela (C.C. and his family concentrating essentially on the flight of Cruz Castillo).

The couple Kelly and Jeffrey, to live and to survive, had to face numerous storms, but as usual in Santa Barbara, one of them will make the bases vacillate, nevertheless so solid, of their love. If Kelly knew how to find in herself the strength to face her father to impose her choices, it will unfortunately not be Jeffrey's case. This latter, too happy to have found his mother (that he considered dead for a long time), lets himself being too easily trapped in the nets of an excessive and possessive mother.

So, over time, Jeffrey's behavior changes, as well as the depth of his feelings for Kelly. He becomes little by little the man of whom C.C. was afraid whether he was, because he goes as far as plotting with T.J. Daniel to kill Kelly. And, it is at the beginning of the year 1989 that the divorce is pronounced, putting an end to their love story, leaving Kelly available for another man, namely Robert Barr, who will not make neither the unanimity of the powerful C.C. Capwell...

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