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Complete name : Barnaby Wallace

Date of birth : December 11, 1961

Father : Lionel Lockridge

Mother : Sophia Capwell Armonti

Raised by : Katie and Glenn Wallace


Brothers and Sisters : Eden Capwell (half-sister), Kelly Capwell (half-sister), Ted Capwell (half-brother), Laken Lockridge (half-sister)

Married to : Amy Perkins (1985-1986)

Former known girlfriend : Jane Wilson (1987-...)

Professions : Chauffeur of the Lockridges, financial manager then manager of the casino Nick's Place, owner of Johnny's Place, student at the police academy


Richard Eden :
October 11 1984 (# 54) to October 26 1987 (# 812)


At his arrival in Santa Barbara, Brick is immediately presented as the new main character that the public must love, like Cruz Castillo or at the time Joe Perkins. But the intrigues which are written for him reduce him after one season to the second plan, leaving the first one to other more ambitious heroes.

Brick begins his new life in town as a driver for the Lockridges. It is besides Minx in person who hires him, then lends money to him when he needs some. He meets Amy Perkins, Joe and Jade's sister, who has just arrived in town. Promising her to raise the child she is waiting for as his, Brick moves with her into the Perkins' house left vacuum. First adventure : Johnny, Amy's baby, is kidnapped at birth by Jerry Cooper, Jack Lee's lookalike cousin, and his accomplice Dr. Renfro, Amy's doctor. With Amy and Julia Wainwright, he manages to find the child on the New Stailand island where he is retained by his grandfather, the King, who, over there, tries to make him crown new king of the island !

Returned in Santa Barbara, Brick learns by Minx that he is actually his grandson ! Indeed, while discovering at the time that Sophia, C.C. Capwell's, was pregnant of her son, Lionel, she exchanged Brick at his birth with the baby of another couple, the Wallaces. Thus, Brick is Sophia and Lionel's son ! He quickly ties links with the Capwells children and at the time of his wedding with Amy, he has as witnesses Kelly Capwell and her fiancé of the moment, the photographer Nick Hartley.

But happiness does not last : in 1986, Amy is killed in the fire of Buzz's place by Hayley Benson, who was following a demonstration against the existence of the city casino. In order to honour his late wife memory, Brick wishes to but the coffee place, to create there Johnny's Place. Unfortunately, he does not own the 5.000 dollars on the 15.000 reclaimed by the owner. Brick ends by give up : he will not buy the place, because he refuses to accept the Capwell or the Lockridge money. This is finally Lily Light who, anonymously, gives the money, obliging then Buzz to sell at Brick's price.

But a little time after, Brick turns to be accused of Hayley's rape when are discovered in his wardrobe the boots identified as the rapist's ones ! Brick is arrested by the district attorney Keith Timmons and goes out of prison only when the real culprit is discovered (it turns to be Ken, a server at Johnny's place). Brick thereafter meets Jane Wilson, a friend of his father, and falls in love. With her, he decides to begin a new life and gives up the Johnny's, that he sells to Lionel, to enter the police academy. But he is dismissed by Keith after having helped Cruz to escape from prison during the Elena Nikolas' affair. Decided to retake his life from zero, Brick prefers to leave the town with Jane and Johnny...

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