TV's greatest scandals !

 Soap Opera Digest, 1986

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Admit it. Don't you love a juicy scandal ? Aren't you itching to know the dirt on who's sleeping with whom, and who's getting stabbed in the back ?

The soaps are chock full of illicit affairs, baby-switching capers, relatives that come back from the dead... all the things that make headlines. So, we've assembled our own tabloid recalling for you some of the most sizzling scandals ever, the way we imagine they would have appeared in the papers.


 Santa Barbara : Big buck$ for big-top baby !

Shock waves have reverberated throughout this oh-so-private town.

Grande dame Minx Lockridge has revealed that Brick Wallace is the illegitimate son of her own son Lionel and his former mistress Sophia, who is now married to the wealthy and influential C.C. Capwell.

It appears that Mad Minx couldn't live with the idea of this child growing up as a Capwell, so she switched him with the Wallace baby, who grew up as Channing Capwell. Brick, on the other hand, was raised by the Wallaces, who are circus performers. Brick is slowly but surely forming a relationship with his parents. C.C., on the other hand, hasn't exactly welcomed Brick into the family with open arms.