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Date of birth : August 21, 1979

Father : Channing Capwell Junior

Mother : Santana Andrade

Raised by : Gina and Stockman DeMott

Former known girlfriends : Anisa (1989), Melanie (1990)


Scott Curtis :
September 20 1984 (# 39) to July 30 1985 (# 257)

Brandon Call :
September 04 1985 (# 283) to June 11 1987
(# 731)

David Zebulon :
October 31 1985 (# 321) to November 04 1985 (# 323)

Brian Autenrieth :
December 19 1985 (# 355) to January 06 1986 (# 366)


? :
March 16 1987 (# 669)

Justin Gocke :
August 26 1987 (# 772)  to February 28 1992 (# 1913)

? :
November 17 1987 (# 828) to November 23 1987 (# 832)


Rare fact in the domain of soap-operas, in spite of a great number of successive interpreters, the character of Brandon DeMott has grown naturally with the years, remaining until the end of the show a child that many family upheavals never have succeeds in shaking. More passive character than really active, he will have only undergone the events rather than to initiate them.

When he arrives in Santa Barbara with his mother Gina DeMott in 1984, following the death of his father Stockman, Brandon is right now in the center of a main intrigue. Santana Andrade indeed do not need a long time before discovering that this child is in fact hers, the one C.C. Capwell had forced her to give up at birth five years earlier. And it is also because Brandon is the son of Channing Junior, his favorite son, that C.C. invites Gina to stay in Santa Barbara and ends up approaching her until asking her in marriage. But Santana, well decided to recover her son, did not say her last word. Follows then a long series of blackmails and kidnappings, until in 1986, Gina having become the black sheep of the Capwells, Santana finally obtains the legal guard of Brandon. But for a short time because, doped without her knowledge by Gina, Santana finishes in a detoxication center.

Brandon, it seems without asking any questions, consequently refinds Gina, whom he will not leave any more for now on. He will have to undergo the ceaseless changes of fiancÚs of his mother (Dr. Alex Nikolas, Dr. Scott Clark, Keith Timmons, Mason Capwell...), whom he does not forget inevitably to baptize "daddy", even if C.C. remains the only one he regards as his real father (having undoubtedly forgotten Stockman with the time !). He however becomes close to Keith after his wedding with his mother and has big difficulties to accept his hasty departure from Santa Barbara a few weeks after this union. It is moreover him who urges Gina to find his track at the end of 1990. At Christmas 1988, victim of a fight with the video rapist's accomplice who prevails in town, Brandon falls into coma and owes his safety only to a magic stone granting the wish of Eden and Cruz Castillo to see the child finally awaking.

It is in 1989 that the events take a new turn for Brandon when at the time of a new attempt by C.C. to remove the custody charge of the child to Gina, Brandon discovers by inadvertence that he has been adopted. At the beginning under the shock, he quickly forgives his mother to have hidden the truth to him, showing once again an astonishing maturity for his age. It is the same year that he is confronted again with Santana who, escaped from her center, makes a new kidnapping attempt on her son.

Consequently, Brandon knows the truth on his filiation and at the time of the return in town of Santana in 1991, finally cured of her disorders and rehabilitated, he takes pleasure to spend time with her. He learns to know her under a new way, while however continuing to live with Gina and to regard her as his real mother. Sent by Gina to a pension in San Francisco to move him away from the Capwell influence, Brandon is present during the birth of his half-brother, Channing Capwell III at Christmas 1991. The presence of Lily Blake, Gina's daughter, unfortunately makes his visits more and more sporadic and he even completely disappears from the show and from Gina's life almost one year before the end of Santa Barbara.

In spite of the psychological bounces and the embezzlements he has been the object, Brandon will have remained until the end the most perfectly stable character of all the show...

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