A precocious star

 TÚlÚ Star, 1993

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If Brandon Call celebrated his 16 years last November, his career looks like he was an old frequenter of the stages. Currently in the cast of Step by Step, he started in the job at 2 years old... and did not cease working since that. He made his first appearance in front of a camera at the time of an advertisement clip. "For a mark of noodles, in Japan, he remembers. It has never been aired in the United States." Then he shot about sixty others, for all kinds of products.

In 1987, whereas he is only 11 years old, he takes part in his first TV show, entitled The Charmings. He can be seen then in Blind Fury, Baywatch, where he plays David Hasselhoff's son, and in Santa Barbara. "But I must acknowledge that I prefer comedy to drama. Step by Step is shot in studio, in front of a public with who we have an immediate contact. There is a kind of energy exchange. I like that." Brandon Call speaks about his job with the recoil of a real professional. "It is towards the age of 10 that I decided that I wanted to make career in the spectacle. Before this, everything had been organized by my mother, and she did not know if I would like that to continue."

Brandon is the youngest child of a family of four children. He was born on November 17, 1976 in Torrance, a suburbs of Los Angeles. "Now, the young boy ensures, to play became for me a second nature." He spends his leisures on the beaches. "I grew up near the sea and I have for it an infinite love." He can from now on install his surf board on the roof of his car. "The day of my anniversary, I could have my driving licence. Now, I go to the beach more frequently."

Brandon must nevertheless devote a few hours of his time to his lessons. He still has two years of studies before obtaining his licence, because in the United States, the school is obligatory until 18. As he is not able to attend school, he follows his lessons on the stages, with a tutor, like the majority of the children actors. The weekend, he likes to go out to dance with friends of his age. He takes care to take along each time a different girl. "I am too young to become engaged, he explains. One day, I will think of marriage, but not now." He has in any case the example of his parents, who form a happy couple. His father directs a small company, and his mother deals with the interests of her famous son. What should still occupy her a few good years...