Brandon's biblical Christmas


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To celebrate Christmas 1988, the producers of Santa Barbara decided to impress everyone : sumptuous sceneries, splendid costumes, actors in their best form... A real Christmas in the purest religious tradition for this reconstitution of the great moments of the birth of Jesus, right came out of... Brandon's imagination !

Indeed, a few days before Christmas, Gina's adoptive son falls into a deep coma after a blow on his head during a fight and then begins to dream... Whereas in reality, Eden and Cruz become the new Santa Claus and wife to replace the real one unavailable, in his dream, all his close relations take the features of the traditional characters of the Creche !

Cruz and Eden become Joseph and Marie in full Bethleem, in the search of a place to give rise to their child; Kelly is the shepherdess; Ted, Mason, Michael and Bunny the Wise Men; C.C. and Sophia Jewish landlords, Augusta an old blind woman and even Gina becomes an angel !

Sacrilege, sacrilege had shouted the purists at the time of the diffusion of this special episode in the United States ! It should be said that it almost followed the one where Julia spends the night with Father Michael Donnelly...


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