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Year of birth : 1973

Father : Cruz Castillo

Mother : Jodie Walker


Raised by : Jodie and Reese Walker

Brothers and sister : Sawyer Walker (half-brother), Chip Capwell Castillo (half-brother), Adriana Castillo (half-sister)

Married to : Warren Lockridge (1993-...)


Sydney Penny :
April 06 1992 (# 1939) to January 15 1993 (# 2137)


When in spring 1992 moves in Santa Barbara the Walker family, only three of its members are introduced to us : Reese, the father, Jodie, the mother and friend of youth of the police detective Cruz Castillo, and their son, Sawyer. A few days must be waited before appears in the corridors of the town university another member of the family...

It is Warren Lockridge, then journalism teacher, who is one of the first to be interested in this young very talented boy, but obviously homeless, called Troy Rhodes. Seeking to know some more about him, he even proposes to lodge him. Suspecting him a time to be gay when he surprises his ambiguous relations with Sawyer Walker during the class, he ends up discovering that the truth is very different : Troy is in fact a girl, who more is B.J., the Walkers' daughter ! Attracted by his journalistic talent and the kindness he shows her, B.J. then falls madly in love with Warren. In spite of her, she makes jealous Angela Raymond, Warren's girlfriend, whom he eventually leaves.

Her real identity revealed, B.J. then goes back to live at her parents whom she left for one year. Solitary, often refusing to be helped, B.J. maintains strained relationships with her mother. It is because B.J. is disturbed by a heavy secret she hides since her childhood : she has indeed been raped since she was ten years old by Frank Goodman, her godfather and friend of her parents. And the return of this latter in town makes revive her painful wounds, especially when Frank tries to start again in spite of B.J.'s refusal.

The truth ends up bursting publicly, when Cruz discovers the awful story on the personal diary the young girl types on her computer. Taken of panic, Frank kidnaps Jodie and Cruz. It is the moment that Jodie chooses to reveal to Cruz the truth about B.J.'s origins : he is in fact her father ! The tension is at its apogee when a few days later, Frank is found dead, shot by a bullet. Whereas Sawyer is initially suspected by the police, Cruz discovers some blood stains on one of B.J.'s dress. By analyzing it, he understands that it is his daughter who killed Frank. He then decides without waiting to sign a letter where he accuses himself of the murder and flees the same evening to Mexico, leaving all his friends and his past behind him. But police officer Connor McCabe guesses that Cruz tried to protect somebody and directs his suspicions towards B.J. and arrests her.

Always perturbed in front of visions of Frank always more threatening, B.J. nearly commits suicide one evening in the Capwell swimming pool. She is saved at the last minute by Warren. When this latter gets closer to her to kiss her, B.J. panics and gives him a blow with scissors in the back, thinking she is being attacked by Frank. On the advice of Warren, become very attached to her, she agrees to receive the help of one of his friends, psychiatrist Dr. Skyler Gates.

Her trial leads B.J. to deal with very deep disorders. Innocence, guilt... B.J. does not remembers anymore the events having led to Frank's death and she contradicts herself at the bar on many occasions. In spite of Skyler's help, it is finally thanks to Warren that she lives again the scene of the crime and remembers that in fact Frank killed himself.

Cleared of any police pressure, B.J. finds her parents and can finally give free rein to her love for Warren. So, when this latter asks her to marry him, she accepts without hesitating. On the eve of their wedding, B.J. faces again Frank's memory, which comes to haunt her in her sleep. But, strong of the self-confidence that Warren allowed her to find, she finally succeeds in getting the upper hand over Frank and his old devils.

It is released from this drama which haunted her for so long that B.J. thus marries Warren in the beginning of January 1993, during the ultimate episode of the show. But nothing says that to learn one day the truth on the identity of her real father will not revive her recognized psychological fragility...

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