«I want to direct a movie !»

 By Nathalie Chuc, TV Magazine, 2002

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She is beautiful, elegant, with very expressive brown eyes. Malicious, she often launches big laughs, but what is the most remarkable, it is her infinitely soft voice, suave, almost a whisper. Sydney Penny, 30 years old, walks close to the Trocadéro in Paris, surprising us with her agility when she climbs the base of a statue for the photo. The detail to remember : the interview is entirely in French !

You played the daughter of Cruz Castillo in Santa Barbara, it is cult soap here...

It was a part for a small "thing" in the United States whereas here it was an enormous success ! The role was difficult and sad. I adored A Martinez (Cruz).

Always in the same idea, you played the part of Maggie as a child in The Thorn Birds...

I was ten years old, the role asked a lot of maturity; all the team enormously helped me. It is there that I really became aware of what this job is. That marked me for ever. It was a very great production; after twenty years, that always airs on TV, this is incredible !

Today, what does imply for you the fact of playing Joy, Largo Winch's bodyguard ?

First, it was a dream for me to be Joy because I always played victims. And I play more with my body too. I learned taekendo, kikboxing, karate and to use all kinds of weapons. I do almost all the stunts myself. And I adore that.

How will Joy evolve ?

Up to now she was being wary, she was protecting herself. She did not have the hope to have a normal life. In the second season, after having been shot, she decides to change her life, she opens her heart to Largo, but it will not be as simple as that...

Will there have a third season ?

Nothing is signed and I regret it. We will see. It is also told about a movie from the show, it would be really formidable.

Some projects for the cinema ?

Yes, I want to direct a film. I already wrote the script with a friend. I am working the directing. It is a love story; a couple which find itself again after ten years and which must spend one night together, locked up because of a storm. For the role of the girl, I dream to hire Sarah Michelle Gellar.