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Complete name : Theodore Charles Wakefield Capwell

Date of birth : November 1966

Father : C.C. Capwell

Mother : Sophia Capwell Armonti

Brothers and sisters : Mason Capwell (half-brother), Elena Nikolas (half-sister), Brick Wallace (half-brother), Eden Capwell, Kelly Capwell, Greg Hughes (half-brother), Channing Capwell III (half-brother)


Married to : Hayley Benson (1986-1987), Lily "Light" Blake (1993-...)

Former known girlfriends : Laken Lockridge (1984-1985, 1987), Margot Collins (1988), Wanda Berkowski (1988-1989), Katrina Ruyker (1992), Angela Raymond (1992)

Professions : Student at Lyman prep, waiter at the Orient Express, disc-jockey at the radio station KUSB FM, groom at the Abernathy stables, president of the wine company RoseRidge, waiter at The Lair, employed at the Capwell Enterprises


Todd McKee :
July 3
0 1984 (# 1) to July 28 1989 (# 1259)

Michael Brainard :
October 28 1991 (# 1827) to January 15 1993 (# 2137)


Younger son of the Capwell dynasty, Ted is also the most naïve and the most passive of the family. Without a much asserted personality, he plays in 1984 more the role of friend and confidant than of a true leading hero. If he is always ready to sow wild oats with his friend Danny Andrade and Jade Perkins, it is especially through his big love story with Laken Lockridge, the daughter of his father's rival family, that he fulfils himself.

He is going to know his first adventures in Hollywood, where he follows his friends. He so begins to become emancipated of his father, C.C., who does not accept his love for the Lockridge girl, and her trends for frivolity while he is still in high school. Back in Santa Barbara after a few weeks, Ted continues new experiences by making the acquisition, always with Laken, Jade and Danny, of a motel which turns out to be a hotel used by prostitutes. The reappearance of Sophia, Ted's mother whom everybody considered dead, creates very fast some first conflicts between Ted and his betrothed. Laken looks unfavorably on the return of the one who was formerly her father's mistress. And the suspicions which hang over the guilt of this latter as well as over her brother Warren in the murder of Channing Capwell Junior do not arrange anything. Ted parts from Laken in spring 1985.

His chances to become progressively reconciled with Laken diminish when, in 1985, Ted meets Christie DuVall who sets her heart on him. Due to his big heart, Ted helps her to find a job and a roof, and even makes her hired in his sister Eden's restaurant, then by his father as a nanny for young Brandon. He does not see that Christie translates these gestures of sympathy for love, and becomes disillusioned when Ted pushes her away after she plotted to move him away from Laken. Raped by her step-brother, Steve Bassett, Christie sees herself forced by this latter to accuse Ted of the aggression. Ted is charged for rape and undergoes the torments of a trial. He is finally acquitted by Christie, but has not finish with her yet. After she has killed Steve in position of self-defense, Christie asks Ted to cover her. Ted lies for her, until Christie, once again, decides to tell the truth. Meanwhile, Laken left Santa Barbara, leaving Ted without unable to hope for reconciliation.

A few months after Laken and her youth friends left Santa Barbara, Ted meets Hayley Benson, as simple and innocent as he is himself. He makes her hired as a maid at his father and very fast falls in love with her. They move in together, once become financially independent thanks to a job at the local radio station. It is there that Ted becomes the target of a faceless woman with long nails who answers in the name of Roxanne, and who harasses him night and day on the radio. This latter turns out to be Jane Wilson, his chief at the station, who however forgets very fast her crush on Ted. In summer 1986, a first crisis bursts in the couple formed by Ted and Hayley, when Ted learns indirectly that Hayley is the niece of Gina DeMott, his father's third wife who has already caused many troubles to the Capwells. He blames her for having kept for such a long time this secret, but forgives her fast.

Ted finds himself, a few months later, again in position to have to lie to save a woman. Led in a demonstration by Lily "Light" Blake against the new casino of Santa Barbara, Hayley throws a burning missile in the bar Buzz's Place which goes up in flames and causes Amy Perkins's death. Witness of the scene, Ted has no other solution than to marry Hayley not to have to testify against her at the trial. The ceremony takes place in the police station, in a squalid climate which already bodes well for the way that this union is going to take.

The rape Hayley is victim of in 1987 only increases the malaise lived by the couple. Ted is indeed incapable to comfort Hayley and goes to one blunder to the other one, getting for example opposed so that Hayley gets followed by a therapist after her rape. Meanwhile, Ted decided to become a little emancipated from the family cocoon by working at the Abernathy stables, where he meets the groom Jake Morton. This latter, maybe more skillful than Ted with women, becomes very fast Hayley's lover. The couple eventually divorces on good terms. The return of Laken in Santa Barbara lets glimpse a new chance for the former couple to re-form. But if Laken get matured and became a real woman, Ted remained the big boy of the debuts, seeming not to capitalize his experiences to grow up. And indeed, in front of T.J. Daniel, Laken's ex-boyfriend, Ted cannot measure up. On the professional level, Ted invests with T.J. and Jake in the repurchase of The Lair, a night-club and restaurant which he helps to set right again for the end of 1987.

After the accidental death of Hayley at the beginning of 1988 and the new departure of Laken, Ted begins a long time in the wilderness. On the love side, he falls for Margot Collins whom he makes hired as a waitress in The Lair. At the end of the year, he then frequently dates the unpredictable novice actress Wanda Barkowski. But the affair comes to a sudden end when Mason, Ted's brother, disappears. Ted decides then to leave to his search, first stop : Rome, Italy.

It is necessary to wait for more than two years so that Ted reappears, finally more mature and more self-confident. His journeys in Europe and in Asia forged his character, and it is in San Francisco where he is found by Mason. He returns in Santa Barbara with his loved ones, discovering all the events he missed, of which the disappearance of his sister Eden. Very fast, he seduces the innocent Katrina Ruyker, even if his love for her is not as sincere than the one she has for him. By a surprising reversal of fate, Ted counts from now on among his friends and confidants Lily Blake, who had formerly harmed him and Hayley. He so helps her in her troubles with the shadows of her past in Las Vegas, creating with her a relation of friendship lined with a rising love. However, it is not for Lily that Ted makes infidelities to Katrina, but for Angela Raymond, the man-eater, who cheats on Warren Lockridge with him.

Ted is close to marry Katrina, when he finds Angela also on the point to get married to Warren. In the confusion, both ceremonies are suspended. While he goes to Dallas with Angela, Ted is followed without knowing it by Katrina, who surprises them both in bed. Ted is forced to admit to Katrina his adventure with Angela, and so leads them to an inevitable break-up. Ted turns then to Angela, who seems little ready for a serious relation with him, their adventure being until then mainly based on sex. Ted is besides embarrassed to see Angela getting closer to his father. He then finds in Lily a perfect ally and decides to feign a love relation with her to make Angela jealous. Victim with her of a fall in an old mine, Ted and Angela spend long hours together, wounded and incapable to move. They admit their attraction the one towards the other, without however daring to speak about the love which well seems to gather them.

While they had for objective to get back for the one Angela, for the other Rafe Castillo, Ted and Lily discover a mutual passion, unconfessed for more than a year. Their wedding project, which was at first part of their plan, seems to take all its sense and they unite as expected on the eve of new year 1993. Would Ted finally have found with Lily an answer to his eternal inconstancy ?...

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