The new life of Todd

 By Alena Prime, TÚlÚ Star, 1992

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In July 1989, Todd McKee finishes his fifth season in Santa Barbara under the features of Ted Capwell. Comfortably installed in his lodge, he takes a coffee cup with his "grand brother", Mason Capwell, played by Lane Davies. The two actors evoke their future, to realize that they have both decided to stop. "Then, what are you going to do ? " asks Lane. Todd, not having any project, launches like a joke : "I will go to France to study French." Lane, amused by the idea, retorts to him  : "Why to stop in France ? Do the turn of the world, and I will go with you."

At the time, Todd does not take the proposal with serious. "But the more I thought about it, the more I found the idea excellent." He thinks of it so much that a month later, the two actors fly away for Europe, their first stage. They spend one month in France. What does not leave them the time to learn French, but allows them to measure the popularity of Santa Barbara there. They are recognized everywhere. "We had our bigger surprise with Paul McCartney, remembers McKee. We met him by chance in Paris. And when he saw us, he exclaimed : "Hey, you, you are Ted Capwell, the nice one, and him he is Mason, the wicked one !" We spent the evening with him. We also became acquainted with Rod Stewart. He also recognized us."

Throughout their tour in Europe, the two "brothers" can check how much the show is popular there. In the same way in South Africa, where they are received with the honors which would be intended to members of the royal family. On the other hand, in Asia, the contrast is thundering. Not only one fan of Santa Barbara. The same thing in Australia. But a surprise awaits them in Tahiti. Just out of the plane, they are submerged by their admirers who breaks the cord of police. "It was at the same time exciting and terrifying, affirms Todd. They seemed all so happy to see us. At the same time, they pressed all the ones against the others in order to approach us more closer and to pass to us neck a garland of flowers and shells."

Tahiti was their last stage. In seven months, the two accomplices traversed the five continents... and emptied their banking account. "All that I could buy to me in Tahiti, acknowledges Todd, it is a collection of shirts with flowers." At once re-entered, he starts to seek a new role. "I did not want to take again the character of Ted. I wished to interpret a different being, harder, more virile, knowing what he wants in life. Frankly, after this voyage, I did not feel the same one anymore. I had the impression to have aged, not seven months, but several years. I saw now the things in a different way. In Asia, in Africa, I had discovered how can live people in other countries. And trust me, that makes you appreciate the chance that you have to be born in this part of the world. Travels form youth. I believe it !"

Todd McKee does not remain a long time unemployed. Just two weeks after his return, one proposes to him the role of Jake in The Bold and the Beautiful. He spends one year in the show but decides not to renew his contract. His escapade gave him the taste to travel. "From now on, I want to be able to do it as often as possible." This time, he chose Italia. Perhaps to learn Italian...

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