Lily "Light" Blake




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Date of birth : January 12, 1967

Mother : Gina DeMott Capwell

Brother : Channing Capwell III (half-brother)


Married to : Ted Capwell (1993-...)

Former known boyfriends : Mason Capwell (1986), Rafe Castillo (1992)

Professions : Evangelist, croupier in Las Vegas, secretary at the Oasis, student, waitress at the Windsurfer bar


Lynn Clark :
August 21 1986 (# 525) to December 25 1986 (# 613)

Paula Irvine :
November 13 1991 (# 1839) to January 15 1993 (# 2137)


Hard to see in the two versions of Lily Blake (1986 then 1991) the same character. As well in her own personality as in her interactions with the other protagonists of the show. Thus, when Lily appears for the first time in summer 1986, she is introduced by Mason Capwell as her redeemer, the woman who brought him out from the pit where he had fallen after the death of the love of his life, Mary DuVall. Lily is then an evangelist and spreads the good words to whoever wants to listen to her  (and even to the others), proclaiming to have the capacity to cure. Preaching the closing of the casino of the town, she involves Hayley Benson in a manifestation which turns badly : taken in the action, Hayley starts a fire in Buzz's place, which causes the death of Amy Perkins.

Lily becomes the black sheep of the town and then reveals the real reason of her arrival in Santa Barbara : to announce to Gina DeMott that she is her daughter. Gina must conform to this surprise which revives in her the memories of the rape that she had undergone at thirteen years old, at the origin of the conception of Lily. She is all the more surprised since her mother Phyllis had told her after the childbirth that the baby was still-born child. Lily, learning that her mother had thus not given up her knowingly, agrees to forgive her and can alleviated leave the town...

It is at the end of 1991 that Lily is back to Santa Barbara, officially to find Gina, semi-officially to flee her doubtful past and some equivocal gangsters of Las Vegas, where she spent these last years. Still so sure of herself, Lily hides her weaknesses behind a screen of energy and voluntarism. She becomes very quickly friend with Ted Capwell, who helps her when she loses at a horse-race a big amount of money that she had just stolen to Lionel Lockridge. Thanks to Ted, she ends the pressure practiced on her by some former shady contacts of Las Vegas, as Ray Minotta. She falls in love with him, while Ted dates Katrina Ruyker to whom he becomes engaged.

Blinded by Ted, Lily does not see that another boy of her circle of acquaintances has eyes only for her : Rafe Castillo, Cruz’s half-brother of. The good advices of Elaine Barnowski, her best friend at the university where she took courses again, change nothing, and Lily repels Rafe's advances constantly. While Rafe falls in spite of him in the nets tightened by the scheming Lisa Fenimore, Lily begins to become aware that never Ted will leave the beautiful Katrina for her. When she realizes that Rafe is perhaps the real man of her life, it is too late : Lisa persuaded this latter that she is pregnant of him and obliges him to marry her. Lily is devastated, realizing that she lost everything.

Apparently attracted only by what is inaccessible to her, Lily does then swear only by Rafe. She obtains from her mother to become the model of her brand Gina Jeans beside Rafe, but it is finally Lisa who gets her place. During a business trip in Cleveland with Rafe, Lily gives in to her passion and makes love with him. But Rafe, even if his marriage is a trickery, does not imagine to leave Lisa, especially since this latter makes him feel guilty by persuading him that she had a miscarriage.

Lily stirs then up a plan with Ted : to play the lovers so that each makes jealous the person he loves. Lily plans to attract towards her Rafe, whereas Ted, who left Katrina, tries to attract towards him Angela Raymond. The plan does not bearing fruit, and Lily and Ted pass in the superior stage by planning a wedding. But the game comes to a sudden end when Lily and Ted realize that they really love each other. So they get married on the eve of new year 1993. Lily, finally happy, lets escape Rafe who, freed of Lisa, comes to ask her to leave town with him. From now on stabilized with Ted, supported by her mother, Lily finally found the happiness for which she looked during a very long time...

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