Lily is not alone anymore...

 By Grazia Berto, 1990

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The televiewers have known her as Lily, Gina's daughter. But in real Lynn Clark is a little quieter than her television character. Entered in the cast of Santa Barbara at only 21 years old, Lynn says that it has been so far her best experience on a professional point of view. She says she was lucky because she had never thought going to work in California. Born in Maryland, she dreamed of becoming an actress, and this is why she moved to New York. However, finding a job in show business was not easy. So she was forced to work in a restaurant to continue her class. While there was no room, she decided to change of coast, in California. "And here things went better," she says. "People are more available and also more attuned to a beginner."

After several auditions, she joined the cast of Santa Barbara. "And it was a wonderful experience, I felt part of a big family. Everything I learned, I largely owe it to Robin Mattson, who played my mother on the soap. She is a great actress and a very dear friend. Lily is a saint, a very pure altruist girl. Even if she loses most of her energy trying to get closer to her mother." Thanks to Santa Barbara, Lynn has found later some other roles on television and theater. It is on one of her television roles that she met the man of her life and actor Steve Bean, with whom she plans to get married. "But now my biggest ambition is to form a theater company with the help of Steve and of my college professors and to go play in small cities. I still have a lot to learn as an actress."