Laken Lockridge




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Identity   Interpreters
Father : Lionel Lockridge

Mother : Augusta Lockridge

Brothers : Brick Wallace (half-brother), Warren Lockridge (half-brother)

  Former known boyfriends : Ted Capwell (1984-1985, 1987), T.J. Daniels (1987), Amado Gonzalez (1990-1991)

Professions : High school student, Stephen Slade's assistant


Julie Ronnie :
July 30 1984 (# 1) to September 12 1985 (# 289), December 24 1985 (# 358)

Susan Marie Snyder :
May 15 1987 (# 712) to January 22 1988 (# 873)

Shell Danielson :
June 04 1990 (# 1475) to July 19 1991 (# 1758)

Necessarily a recurring character because of her filiation (to be a Lockridge is a priesthood !), Laken has however never knew real personal storylines. This is why she also easily knew disappearances and resurrections throughout the show.

In 1984, Laken belongs to the Santa Barbara "young generation" troop : she goes alongside with Danny Andrade, Jade Perkins and especially Ted Capwell, the junior of her parents' rival-family, with whom she is in love. This is why her love with him turn to be so difficult : the parental authority makes opposition to this passion which tries to face generations of competition and animosity between the Capwells and the Lockridges. Laken must face the worst ripostes from her mother Augusta, this latter even going until serving on toats the pet pigeon which was used as a messenger between the two lovers ! Laken only finds comfort near her grandmother, Minx, who ends up giving her blessing by love for her. But even by facing the interdictions, Laken has great difficulties to bloom herself in her relation with Ted, this latter being moreover particularly timid and awkward.

She ends up leaving towards new horizons, to try an improbable career in cinema, before coming back in 1987, discovering with stupor how much the things had changed during her absence : her parents divorced, her mother and her brother left the city, and her great love of youth, Ted, is now married to the sweet Hayley Benson. Still there, Laken only leads a small life, between her father whom she sometimes helps at Johnny's Place repurchased to his son Brick, and Ted whom she tries to seduce in vain. With her former boyfriend T.J. Daniels, she participates in the opening of a new club, The Lair, but doesn't stay enough longer to see it growing. She however welcomes with a sincere friendship her father's new girlfriend, Caroline Wilson, and, for her, agrees to keep the secret of the terrible disease this latter knows to be a victim of a few weeks before dying. But again, without real attachment to the town which saw her being born, Laken decides to take the road a new time.

She finally reappears in 1990, delighted by finally  find her parents reunited together. Whereas she seems attracted by the movie director Stephen Slade, with whom she takes courses of dramatic art, this is with Amado Gonzalez that she meets love. But because of their different social position, she has to confront, a new time, her mother's disapproval. Decided to become emancipated, Laken launches into extreme sports, car race... To Amado's great displeasure, who worries about her and eventually gets tired of her sudden eccentricities. Because of their differences which became more marked with the months, Laken prefers, a few days after the return of her half-brother Warren, to leave town again...

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