Shell Danielson

 Soap Opera Digest, 1991

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Birthday : September 25

Birthplace : Upland, California

Height : 5'6 1/2

Education : High school and Riverside Community College, non-graduate

Marital status : Divorced

Other acting experience : TV commercials, including I Can't Believe It's Not Butter (she played a torch singer in a club); Arrow Shirts; Mademoiselle; Weaver Chickens; Pine-Sol (she played a mommy)

Her most interesting non-acting job : "I was a bus girl at Guadalajara East, a Mexican restaurant in Scottsdale, Arizona. My nickname was "Kid Crash." The first week I worked, I was rounding the corner with chips, salsa and water and I collided with a waiter with eight margaritas. I was on the floor wearing all of it, and the patrons stood up and applauded. I wore guacamole and sour cream in my hear."

Whom she admires most : "I admire my family very much. They're very honest. I admire the people I work with very much."

How she spends her free time : "Gardening, writing and painting. Now that income taxes are over, I hope to have more time to do those things."

Her goals : "To always do something interesting. To someday be a published writer. I write poetry, short stories and songs."

Favorite junk food : "Del Taco burritos or Taco Bell. You can drive in and get your fix real quick."

Last book she read : "Dances With Wolves. At the end of the book they stay with the tribe."

Most exciting celebrity she's seen : "I was in Sarabeth's Kitchen in New York with my mother. We were leaving and these two men and a woman left before us. One of the men held the door for us. It was Kevin Kline with William Hurt and Phoebe Cates. My mother was so upset because she missed them."