«That's life !»

 By Tom Niles, Beautiful, 1992

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Julie Ronnie, since she does not work in Santa Barbara any more, has discovered again the little joys of life, without schedules nor fixed timetable. She confesses : "I arranged my small house, I dealt with the garden and I stay for hours to contemplate the sea. I teach the children their recitations, while waiting to go back on the sets."

Julie Ronnie's house is decorated with clear and brilliant colors, because she likes it this way. She studied enough the question, these two last years, to know that it is fundamental, for the health of the mind, to live in a comfortable environment and with adapted colors. She also likes to be surrounded by plants and flowers. The furniture and the furniture cloth are in pastel colors. The house is not very far away from the sea. "I feel happy close to the beach : I like the ocean and water in general." she says while smiling. "Since always, when I feel the need to get released, I go to the beach. I could not live in an apartment, in downtown area, far from nature. When I left the Santa Barbara set, I wondered who I was, what I was doing and what I awaited from life. Today I have clear ideas. I realized that I want to make what I like, and to live where I feel the most happy."

Julie Ronnie was very astonished when she was proposed Santa Barbara, and she did not in what she was going to, and in what point it was going to change her life. "Until a few weeks before, I was shooting commercials. This is when my agent called me to announce me that I was retained for the show. I remember to have welcomed the news with a lot of excitation, but immediately afterwards, I was terrorized. I suppose that it is due to the fact that I was very young, I was just twenty years old and I did not know what was going to happen to me, but especially I did not imagine what the others would await from me. However, once I get integrated into the cast, everything became easier : it was like finding yourself in family. My nervousness disappeared and I felt quieter."

Julie played during two years the very fascinating part of the daughter of Lionel and Augusta Lockridge, Ted Capwell's girlfriend. "I miss a lot John Allen Nelson, who played my brother, and Todd McKee, my boyfriend, too. We see each other from time to time. I owe a lot to Santa Barbara, that was my first role as an actress, after all these commercials, and I learnt a lot there. For me, it was necessary to leave Hollywood and to go to live at seaside to find again the serenity that I sought."

Julie moved in recently in this new house. It makes only a few months and shecontinues to furnish it and to arrange it to be able to live there with her friend, Christopher. He does not belong to the entertainment world, but he deals with houses and grounds, like Julie's father. The house is very close to the sea and Julie is charmed to be able to breathe the fresh breeze of the ocean. Contrary to Laken, Julie comes from a big family : she has three sisters and a brother. Her sisters are named Chandra (the youngest), Suzan (married, four children), Michele (married, three children); her brother Michael is the elder (married, three children). "As you see it, we are numerous, and a day I would also like to have a family with a lot of children, and to find a balance between family and career."

Since she left Santa Barbara, Julie took part in the series Heartbeat. She stopped a few years to attend a comedy school, but now this is she who teaches at the Triple Eye Foundation, where she is the director of the artistic section. As soon as she can, she goes for long walks in the wood, close to the cascades, to breathe some fresh air and to admire the wonders of nature. She feels very happy and satisfied with her life and her career. She likes her work and acknowledges to us while smiling what would be the character that she would ideally like to play : "Today I would like to interpret a simple character, not overcomplicated, all the opposite of what I am. To say it with simple words : a woman character who is not a victim."