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Complete name : Keith Damion Timmons

Date of birth : December 195?

Sister : Katie Timmons

Married to : Gina DeMott Capwell (1988)


Former known girlfriends : Madeline Laurent (1986), Santana Andrade (1986), Lola (1990)

Profession : District attorney

Justin Deas :
May 30 1986 (# 469) to November 17 1988 (# 1085)

Robin Strand :
April 05 1988 (# 925) to April 15 1988 (# 933)

John Novak :
November 16 1990 (# 1592) to April 04 1991 (# 1685)


Keith Timmons arrives in Santa Barbara to occupy the post of district attorney left vacant. Very quickly, he shows a certain resentment towards the Capwells, whom he will not cease to harass during the years that he will spend at this place.

Deceitful character, with a very particular humour, Keith knows his first love affair in Santa Barbara with Santana Andrade, then married with Cruz Castillo. He tries at the beginning to abuse her whereas she is under the influence of the pills that Gina DeMott makes her take without her knowledge. One evening, while Keith is sitting next to her in a car, Santana knocks Eden Capwell down. Keith exploits her pills addiction and claims that she is lying by saying that he was with her in the vehicle. Gina invents an alibi for Keith, but hastens to hide the pills at his home. Accused by Cruz, Keith manages to get out of trouble.

This misadventure has allowed him to meet Gina, as devious and unscrupulous as he is, and who will become the love of his life. Without really daring to acknowledge their reciprocal love at the beginning, the couple will be able to be linked in the worst bad turns against the Capwells, Keith taking care for his part of the charges of murder : he pursues Kelly for the murder of Dylan Hartley, he arrests Cruz for the murder of Elena Nikolas whereas he knows his innocence, he makes a pleasure to indicate C.C. Capwell as the culprit of the murder of Hal Clark, throws a warrant to Mason for the murder of Mark McCormick even without any beginning of proof... Nothing stops him, not even Julia Wainwright, during one time his assistant, who will change of side without waiting more to become a lawyer.

The origin of this almost hate against the Capwells is the fact that he takes Cruz for responsible of the death of his sister, Katie, ten years ago. Katie was then in love with Cruz, but he preferred Victoria Lane to her. Mad of jealousy, Katie then threw herself in the ocean the day she saw them embraced on the beach. It will take time for Keith to accept the fact that Victoria and Cruz are in reality not responsible for the death of the sister he loved so much.

In the summer of 1987, he accepts a bribe from Marsha Connors to help her establish her adoption agency in Santa Barbara. When it turns out that the agency is in fact used to cover a network of children kidnappings, Keith finds himself involved and just escapes from Cruz's suspicions.

At the end of the year, he finally opens his heart to Gina, fearing to lose her when she begins an affair with Dr. Scott Clark who cures her temporary blindness due to an accident. Keith quickly moves in with Gina, despite the presence of Brandon, her adopted son, that he has some difficulty to bear before adopting him as his own son. In the summer of 1988, Keith finally obtains from Gina to marry him. It is however a little tired of her execntricities that he helps her to find the trace of Mason Capwell, whom everyone thought dead. As Mason suffers from split personality and thinks he is a certain Sonny Sprocket, Keith helps Gina to make him look like Mason. He proves to be jealous when Gina seems to yield to Mason/ Sonny's advances and when she makes him look like her brother.

Caught up in his numerous corruption cases at the district attorney's office, Keith is forced to flee the city, leaving poor Gina alone. At distance, he lets her know that he still thinks about her, but stays hidden.

He reappears two years and a divorce later, pursued by a dangerous gangster in DisneyWorld park, Florida. This is where Gina and Brandon find his trace. Thanks to several embezzlements, Keith gets back very fast his work as district attorney and has in charge the investigation on Robert Barr's murder, investigation which is going to allow him to pursue his vengeance against the Capwells. To make condemn Eden or Kelly (because he is not sure of the exact identity of the culprit, but it has no importance in his eyes), he signs a contract with Flame Beaufort. He offers her immunity if she testifies against the Capwell sisters. He is quickly obliged to admit Kelly and Eden's innocence because Flame is the only culprit.

At the same time, Keith has only one single desire : to reconstruct his life with Gina. But his evil deeds have a fatal influence on young Brandon, what urges Gina to finally break with him. While his little schemes to obtain the work of district attorney are brought to light, Keith leaves town again, conscious that he does not have a place anymore either in Gina's life, or at the district attorney's office, and this time definitively...

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