John Novak

 Soap Opera Update, 1990

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John Novak had big shoes to fill when he stepped into the role of Keith Timmons on NBC's Santa Barbara, having to replace two-time Emmy winner Justin Deas in the role. "Keith is such a chameleon, and so am I as an actor," admits John. "The more varied you are as a performer, the more capable you are of surviving."

And survive he has – for 15 years in the business, to be exact. During the course of that time, John's played everything from "psychopaths, affable executives, dads, moustachioed with blonde hair, crew cuts... may levels of intensity." As a matter of fact, he even "portrayed" a 4x4 monster truck in an animated Canadian series called Video Power - Canada being the operative word here. John travelled to California with his wife and son from Canada in February, but it was a trek that he'd been longing to make for quite some time. "I didn't come down to Los Angeles until I was damned sure that I had something to offer. I had reached a level of redundancy in Canada."