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Complete name : Joseph Evan Perkins

Date of birth : June 15, 1958

Date of death : March 01, 1985

Father : John Perkins

Mother : Marisa Perkins


Sisters : Amy Perkins, Jade Perkins

Married to : Kelly Capwell (1985)

Former known girlfriend : Augusta Lockridge (1984)

Profession : Handyman of the Lockridges mansion


Dane Witherspoon :
July 30 1984 (# 1) to October 30 1984 (# 67)

Mark Arnold :
October 31 1984 (# 68) to March 01 1985 (# 152)


First hero of the show well before the arrival of Eden and Cruz, Joe Perkins is the emblematic figure of the first season of Santa Barbara. The show begins with his release from prison, five years after the murder of Channing Capwell Junior of which he had been accused, whereas he did not have of cease to protest for his innocence. At the moment (July 1979) engaged to Kelly Capwell, it is in fact after her overpowering testimony accusing him of the crime that Joe had been put in jail. But he is ready to forgive her, knowing that her words had been dictated to her by her brother Mason. Decided to prove his innocence, Joe returns to live with his parents where waits him in particular John, his father, who always believes him guilty. He is hired by Augusta Lockridge as a gardener at the Lockridge mansion and ends even by accompanying her to her bedroom...

Joe ends up regaining the confidence of Kelly, now promised in marriage to a teacher named Peter Flint. He obtains from her that she comes to help him in his search of the truth, in spite of the morbid jealousy of Peter. Thus, he even goes until making him accused of drug traffic. Joe is obliged to flee to escape from the police and makes people believe he is dead, drowned in the ocean. Clandestinity helping, he meets a mysterious man who makes him call Dominic and who seems to know a lot about the death of Channing Junior. Some meetings are organized in the more sordid places the ones than the others before Joe, after many searches, discovers that behind the beard and the black glasses of Dominic hides in fact a woman. This one turns to be, a few months later, Sophia Armonti, Kelly's mother, that everyone thought to be dead !

The earthquake, which shakes the town in 1984, causes the daeth of Joe's father, whereas he has just given all his trust to his son again. A violent fight in the woods between Joe and Peter leads this last one at the hospital. Believing himself about to die, he makes a confidence to Kelly : Joe did not kill Channing Junior ! Thanks to that, Joe is cleared and can finally marry Kelly, while Peter ends up curing his wounds and loses the reason. Becoming a dangerous serial-killer, the carnation killer, he makes many victims among the female population of Santa Barbara. After the ceremony of wedding, Joe is taken as an hostage by Peter. despite the intervention of Kelly, he is shot by him in the most total confusion.

In addition to Kelly, Joe's death will have left without voice millions of televiewers, then rocked since many months by the adventures of a character that everyone had taken for the heart of the show...

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