Dane Witherspoon : he melted for ice cream !

 France Dimanche, 2012

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You are many to ask us for news of the one who played the first Joe Perkins in the show Santa Barbara. This young actor with blue eyes, today 54-year-old, was an ideal partner for delicious Robin Wright, a.k.a. Kelly Capwell.

Regrettably, at the end of three months to play opposite her, the unfortunate one was replaced by Mark Arnold, to the great displeasure of the actress, who, meanwhile, had become his girlfriend !

It did not prevent the handsome blond man from recovering. We could find him in Capitol, a soap in which he played from 1985 till 1986. Besides, he married Robin in 1986, and they remained married until 1988. Then, Robin became Mrs. Sean Penn, and Dane married another actress, Tracy Shaffer, with whom he had two sons.

In the 90s, he gave up his actor's career to become the happy owner of Licks ice creams, in Denver. What, for a man whose name is pronounced With-her-spoon was predestined !