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Identity   Interpreter
Former known girlfriends : Kelly Capwell (1990), Gina Demott Capwell (1991)   Profession : Anthony Tonell's, then C.C. Capwell's henchman  

John Callahan :
August 09 1989 (# 1267) to January 27 1992 (# 1889)


Shady character and with uncertain motives, Craig Hunt is maybe one of the most dangerous characters of Santa Barbara, so much it is difficult to figure out all the facets of his personality.

Craig appears at first as the right hand of the mafioso Anthony Tonell, a redoubtable and violent man. He helps him among other things in his attempts to kill Eden Capwell and Cruz Castillo, but also Robert Barr and Kelly Capwell. Once Tonell fallen, a part of Craig's past gets revealed when it appears to daylight that he is, with Ethan Asher, Stephen Slade and Derek Griffin, one of the four orphans trying to avenge the death of the young Cassandra Benedict, the other orphan formerly adopted by the Capwells. But his loyalty to his orphan friends already knows cracks when he prevents Derek from achieving his plan of revenge against Mason Capwell, suspected by the clan to be Cassandra's murderer. He thus helps Mason to escape to death and gains in return C.C.'s gratitude.

Craig shows then very fast an interest to get closer to the Capwell family and succeeds in seducing Kelly, of whom he falls really in love. He shows himself very jealous and even miserable when this latter prefers than him Robert Barr, back in town after a few months of absence. Suspecting that Robert has an affait with journalist Debra London, Craig starts to investigate. He becomes an ally with Eden, then C.C., to try to make fail Kelly and Robert's wedding project. In vain.

Nevertheless Craig succeeds in earning the rich C.C. Capwell's favors and proposes his services for various missions, thus becoming his new henchman, often present in the walls of the Capwell mansion. He helps him for example to try to separate young Katrina Ruyker, welcomed by C.C. as his daughter, from Dash Nichols, a former rapist. But his violent methods do not please C.C.. Schemer Craig well realizes that he has not and will never have at his eyes only a henchman status. Disappointed to see himself ceaselessly relegated in the background, he prepares his vengeance. Meanwhile, he gets closer to Gina DeMott Capwell, then pregnant of C.C., for whom he seems to feel sincere feelings. But their relation does not have the time to concretize.

During his engagement party with Cassandra (who in the end was not dead), Mason escapes a shot which accidentally kills young Amado Gonzalez. If it is journalist Warren Lockridge who finds himself accused at first of the murder, the investigation led by his girlfriend Angela Raymond tends to show Craig's guilt. Feeling unmasked, he tries to kill the too much curious Angela while making his crime looking like a suicide. But he is stopped just in time by Warren and Cruz.

After a few weeks, he manages to escape from prison and takes hostages Kelly, Gina and Cruz whom he tries to kill by making a bomb. Reasoned by Cassandra's intervention, Craig agrees to surrender. He goes back to prison, from where he will never be seen going out...

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