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Identity   Interpreter
Pseudonym : Crystal Rose

Father : Frank DiNapoli

Mother : Anna DiNapoli

Sisters : Lisa DiNapoli, Emily DiNapoli

  Married to : Ronnie (198?)

Former known boyfriend : Dr. Scott Clark (197?-1979, 1989)

Professions : Prostitute, secretary at the Alvarado clinic, waitress at the Topsy Turvy's


Signy Coleman :
November 28 1988 (# 1091) to November 08 1989 (# 1330)


When Sophia meets for the first time Celeste DiNapoli, this is under the identity of Crystal Rose that she introduces herself. Celeste is a prostitute with a big heart, with a lot of humanity, kindness and gentleness. Soon she found embedded in the case of the video rapist. Contacted by him to trap Father Michael Donnelly, she quickly offers her services to the police to help to track him down. Her courage thus helps Cruz and Michael to identify the rapist as Dr. Zack Kelton and refocus their researches.

Celeste, through this adventure, met Michael and above all decided to change her life. Michael becomes the sincere friend who encourages her to leave prostitution and find another job, and also a better respect for herself. Because Celeste doubts a lot, since the death of her mother and the rejection of which she is the subject by her father, a narrow-minded and violent man.

But her reconversion is even harder than her way crosses that of Dr. Scott Clark, her great love of youth. Due to his status as a renowned doctor and his engagement with the beautiful Dr. Heather Donnelly, Celeste is persuaded that Scott will not want to hear about her anymore if he learns the truth about her activities. She still ends up being hired as a secretary at the community clinic opened by Heather and Scott, before discovering that her break-up with him is in fact due to a misunderstanding. At the high school time, Scott had made a marriage proposal by mail, but Celeste's father having destroyed the letter, she has never known anything about it and took Scott's departure for a separation. Her feelings for Scott getting thus amplified, it is harder and harder for Celeste to live and work among the couple formed by Scott and Heather, Heather showing herself particularly jealous. This is Lisa and Emily, her two younger sisters, who encourage Celeste to do not lose hope yet.

After suffering from pneumonia, Celeste discovers she has little chance of getting pregnant one day, while Scott dreams of being a father and Heather publicly announces her pregnancy. After an umpteenth argument, Scott leaves her and finally opens his heart to Celeste. Her burst of honesty leads her to admit to Scott her past as a prostitute, but he fails to override and returns with Heather and their baby.

Celeste ends up by disappearing after her sister Emily's wedding, alone and almost as unhappy as she always was...

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Signy Coleman
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