Cain Garver




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Identity   Interpreter
Real name : Adam Garver

Father : Lucas Garver

Brother : Caleb Garver


Former known girlfriends : Soo Li (197?), Andrea Bedford (1988)

Profession : Private investigator at the Last resort agency


Scott Jaeck :
April 17 1987 (# 693) to November 22 1988 (# 1088)


Former sergeant during the Vietnam war, Cain Garver is at the beginning a very dark and secret character who lives as a hermit in the Utah mountains. That is him who welcomes Eden Capwell whereas she is lying in the snow, unconscious after her fall caused by the demoniac Elena Nikolas. He looks after her and helps her to recover forces, in spite of her paralysis. Very quickly, he falls in love with her and ends up sequestering her in his mountain cabin, preventing her from going out in his absence. He makes her a wheelchair and explains to her that, as everyone in Santa Barbara thinks she is dead, her life is now with him in the mountains. He even goes until taking Cruz Castillo away when he finds the cabin, in search of Eden, then tries to kill him before regaining his self-control.

After many attempts, Eden ends up succeeding in escaping and Cain pursues her until Santa Barbara. There, he takes her as an hostage at the Orient-Express restaurant and takes refuge in the Abernathy stables. Cruz finds them and shoots Cain, who collapses. At his wake up, he realizes that he gets amnesic. However, some memories remake surface, in particular that of a young woman with brown hair who would have paid him to get rid of Eden. It is of course Elena Nikolas, whom he had met in San Francisco in the military rehabilitation center directed by her adoptive father, Dr. Alex Nikolas. Cain had then accepted to become her accomplice. Elena, learning that images returned to him, tries to kill Cain, but misses her target.

Against all expectations, Cain finds the good graces of Eden and obtains her hospitality at the Capwell mansion. His amnesia expiating his sins, Cain is now an integral part of the friends of the couple Eden and Cruz and is hired by this latter to the Last resort agency. He helps Cruz, unjustly imprisoned for the murder of Elena Nikolas, to escape during the wedding of Kelly Capwell and Jeffrey Conrad. And it is in his confidence that Eden draws the necessary strength to find the use of her legs and to walk again.

At the beginning of 1988, Cain tracks with Cruz a dangerous criminal, the Fox, whom they suspect for one moment to be Andrea Bedford, newly arrived in town. But that is a mistake and Cain can confess his love for Andrea.

As he goes to a veteran meeting, Cain finds his sworn enemy, Major Phillip Hamilton, his superior during the Vietnam war. Nonglad to reproach him again the death of his men in a ambush, Major Hamilton hires a double of Soo Li, Cain's girlfriend in Vietnam, to add to his traumatism always present. Cain moreover learns than Soo Li was also the mistress of the Major during the war.

This does not prevent Andrea from starting to work in collaboration with the Major. One day, during her searches, she discovers that Soo Li had had a daughter, Ming Li. Cain and Andrea go to Bangkok to find her and make her come in Santa Barbara. But Ming Li proves to be rebellious and jealous of Andrea. She tries to seduce Cain, kisses him and even tries to sleep with him. The relations between Cain and Andrea deteriorate. Cain, who had found a semblance of balance, plunges back into violence and alcohol. Andrea, who had agreed to marry him, prefers to break up. Kai, the servant of Major Hamilton, discovers that Ming Li is in fact only an actress that his boss obliges to intrigue to make Cain suffer. He forces her to confess everything to him. Cain then threatens to kill Major Hamilton with a revolver, but retracts.

It is at this moment that the terrible rape of Eden occurs. Cain's erratic behaviour quickly places him among the suspects, despite Eden's unbelief. A few days later, Andrea is at her turn the victim of the same rapist. She is found dead on the beach, while Cain and she had just argued. Relentlessly followed by journalist Lydia Saunders who suspects him, Cain is again victim of Major Hamilton who creates false evidence to overwhelm him. While he is arrested, Cain receives the help of Lydia who offers to take her as a hostage to be able to escape.

Cain is finally cleared. He then decides to leave Santa Barbara to find the serenity of his mountains, far from all the dramas he had to go through...

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