The Windsurfer bar
Beach of Santa Barbara

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As from summer 1991, we discover the Windsurfer bar which, following the example of the beach bar and the Bar None, is directly situated in border of the beach. It accomodates the student population of the city, but also occasionally the couples avid for a good hamburger or for a refreshment far from the lusts of the Oasis.

It is necessary to follow a small low wall to enter the bar. At once by entering, we find a first counter, then farther tables to have lunch or have dinner, the bar being indeed very busy in the evening.

In the right extremity of the bar, we find a second counter, then the eternal jukebox and the access towards the toilets.

Eden Capwell, who then impersonates Suzanne Collier, comes to work there as a waitress at summer 1991, then Lily Blake comes in her turn to make a little money in spring 1992. The Windsurfer bar, which had meanwhile a little disappeared, becomes then again a very appreciated place.