The Bar None
Beach of Santa Barbara

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We discover the Bar None, successor of the beach bar, in spring 1990. It belongs to Gretchen Richard, who however spends only a few of her time there. Opened on the outside, the bar offers a decoration made by wood, in an exotic atmosphere.

Behind the long counter, we find Amado Gonzalez, who gets hired as a barman by Gretchen after she noticed her advantageous and charming physical appearance. Amado also obtains the hiring of his sister, Nikki Alvarez, who practices as a waitress and a dancer. Indeed, at regular intervals, brother and sister move forward the middle of the bar for a feverish dance show, which creates every time surprise and exaltation among the customers.

The regular customers that are Michael Donnelly, Ric Castillo or Tawny Richards will however find quickly other places of leisure activities, the Bar None disappearing from the screen at the end of the summer. It will not indeed survive Gretchen's arrest and Nikki's death...