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Episode 1580

Lionel criticises his mother for considering him to be a failure who has never been able to make decisions and who has ever achieved anything in life. He gets worried about the place that Maxwell Hammer has in his life. Minx appreciates the frankness. She tells him that the source of water that they intend to exploit is half on the Capwell property. Lionel offers to find a solution. Cruz explains to Eden that he found suspicious holes in the top of Robert's staircase and that he thinks that Kelly's fall is not accidental. Eden immediately suspects Debra London, while Cruz leans towards Robert. They then try to trap Robert by speaking in front of him about a codicil to C.C.'s will. Robert rushes in C.C.'s office to read the fake document set up by Cruz: it says that if Kelly dies in five years, only C.C. will inherit from her. At Quinn's, Flame becomes mad after seeing photos of the wedding of Quinn and Kelly. In the hospital, Kelly comes back from examinations. Tearful, she announces to her parents that the doctors fear that her paralysis is permanent and that she could never walk again...

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Episode 1581

Cassandra joins Mason in the Orient Express while he prepares a judicial attack to be able to see Samantha again. At the neighbouring table, Stephen receives the results of an inquiry into Cassandra from a private detective that he asked to perform: he found no trace of Cassandra during the years that she has supposed to pass to Macao. Julia fills Mason's business in cardboards. Dash invites each of them at home, before Mason, half drunk, enters the home by breaking down the door. Julia, at the end of her nerves, asks him to leave. Mason tries to be subdued by Dash and bearing a grudge against him, he hits him. In the hospital, Kelly has confirmation that her paralysis could be final. She makes Eden feel guilty for her state, and tells her sister that she hates her. Quinn finds Flame at home. He swears to her once again that he is not in love with Kelly and they make love. Quinn then goes to the hospital, to Kelly's bed side. He is thrown into a panic when he sees the doctors bringing her a wheelchair...

First appearance in the series of Dr. Grant Jameson.
From this episode, Gordon Thomson replaces Terry Lester in the role of Mason Capwell.
There are two versions of this episode : The American version shows the change of interpreter on the occasion of two distinct scenes, while the international version (broadcast notably in Italy and in Russia) shows the transfer of power between both actors inside the same scene.
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Episode 1582

Craig, made up as a Bible seller, turns up at the place of Beaufort in New Orleans. He steals Mabel's photo together with young Flame. Roy arrives and, suspicious, makes Mabel show him the door. Gina goes to the Key club, where Keith arrived to gamble some money. She is joined by a man who has followed her for some days. He also tries to lay his hand on Keith. Ric visits Kelly in the hospital. He tells him that he leaves the city to find his sister and says goodbye to her. In the Orient Express, he says goodbye to Cruz before leaving for San Diego. Ric spends a few moments with Tawny, where he tells her that they are brother and sister. He breaks up with her, her left alone and shocked. Eden tries to become useful for Kelly, and recommends even a therapist for her. But Kelly proves to be once again intractable and coldly demands her departure. Cruz discovers that Debra London has a police record in England and that among her accomplices is Quinn. Flame asks for advice from a future lawyer to find out if it is possible to by-pass the codicil in C.C.'s will. She learns that Quinn could inherit from Kelly if she is declared mentally irresponsible. Quinn drives Kelly, in a wheelchair, to their new home. Flame tries to return mad Kelly by playing with her mind. Craig phones Cruz to tell him that he discovered the true identity of Debra London. But Roy stuns him before he has the time to reveal his discovery to Cruz...

Last appearance in the series of Ric Castillo and Tawny Richards.
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Episode 1583

Facing the derogatory comments, Lionel, Augusta and Laken leave Minx during a family dinner in the Orient Express. Minx makes the acquaintance of Michael, which she has a secret appointment with in the suite some days later. Gina is driven with force to Mack's caravan by Boots, the gangster in search of Keith. She pretends to want Keith's loss also to get his sympathy. Boots, half drunk, ends up fainting. Gina discovers that Brandon in fact doped his drink with medication. Flame phones Mabel and asks her to make believe to Quinn that she joined them in Louisiana. Mabel is still careful not to tell her that Robert escaped. Robert was gathered by a nurse in retirement who seems to be psychologically unstable. Flame hides behind a removable partition in Kelly and Quinn's room. She uses their absence to splash some perfume belonging to Eden. Kelly asks Quinn if her sister joined them secretly. She finds a portrait of her dressed as a horsewoman that Quinn had painted for her under the bed. Craig wakes up and discovers that it is the sheriff Roy Beaufort who stunned him. He phones Cruz and informs him about the true identity of Flame. He asks him to join him as quickly as possible in New Orleans...

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Episode 1584

Stephen, from now on the co-owner of The Lair, is worried to have to manage the establishment alone while Bunny is away. He learns from his private detective that Cassandra was never adopted by the captain Randolph, leader of the ship which took her to Macao as a child. Lionel announces to C.C. that Maxwell Hammer is only a front and that Lockridge again possesses their domain. He speaks about the source of water to him and the advantageous virtues for health which also passes by the Capwell property, and offers to combine to exploit it. C.C. finds this idea ridiculous and does not even listen to it. Gina and Brandon lock Boots up in an animal box at the Key club. They get confirmation by the owner of the club that Keith is a regular. Cassandra discovers that Mason receives a candidate to replace her as secretary. Mason explains to her that he wants to be reconciled with Julia and that, to appease her, he is therefore forced to lay her off. He receives an order from the judge forbidding him to approach his daughter. He goes to see Julia and swears to her that he gave up drinking and that he is going to go back to alcoholics anonymous. Julia refuses to listen to him and Mason understands that she wants to ask for a divorce. Julia makes him say goodbye to Samantha before he leaves the home definitely...

Episode 1585

Lionel organises a small show in the Capwell villa where he sings and tap dances together with two young dancers, to persuade C.C. to invest in Lockwell Water. C.C. offers him a miserable sum which Lionel refuses. He then floats the idea of playing poker on following Mondays for the property with the source. Lionel accepts, to Augusta's great displeasure. Michael visits Minx in the suite. She gives him a 10 000-dollar cheque for a charitable organisation which she organised in Nikki's memory. He however does not appreciate the fact that Minx enquires about his past and that she asks him for details on his choices in life. Minx keeps him there by explaining that she needs him for a private inquiry. Eden realises that her father receives letters sent by an anonymous admirer. She discovers shortly after it is her mother who is responsible. Sophia anonymously arranges to meet C.C. for coffee where they met in their youth. C.C. goes there, but leaves again just before Sophia arrives. Dante learns from Eden that Flame disappeared: she would be neither in New Orleans, nor in Santa Barbara. From the room, Kelly hears Eden talking. It is in fact Flame who is still hidden inside the partition, playing a tape recorder to make her mad. Quinn speaks about these hallucinations to Dr Jameson. He thinks that Kelly's paralysis is first of all the cause of the psychological origin. Quinn attracts experience to make love with Kelly only by the suggestive power of words. After his departure, Kelly finds a photo of Eden in the drawer of Quinn's night table, which was left there by Flame. Eden offers to Quinn to come to become established with them in their home to take care of Kelly...

Last appearance in the series of Jack Dante.
In the flashback where he sees himself younger together with Sophia, C.C. is played by Mitch Brown, Jed Allan's own son.

Episode 1586

Mason receives a petition for divorce from Julia. Augusta questions Julia about his reports with Dash. At the same time, Dash confides his interest for Julia to Stephen. Cruz arrives at New Orleans. Craig welcomes him in a diner, before going back to Santa Barbara. Cruz points out Rhymed and finds his notebook with drawings. Robert is still in a half conscious state, been confined to bed at Clara's, the nurse who found him. Clara takes Robert for her son. Quinn finds Kelly howling having found a photo of Eden in the night table. Eden arrives at Quinn's place and asks to see Kelly. She proves to be hard by accusing her of trying to make everybody feel sorry for her paralysing condition. Kelly howls for her to leave, while Eden announces her intention of coming to become established at home to take care of her. Quinn finds Flame in the bedroom. Cruz follows Rhymed to the nurse. He sees Robert by a window...

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Episode 1587

Mason arrives at Julia's and tries to make her take back her petition for divorce. But Julia proves to be firm. Gina finds a registered suitcase belonging to Keith in the caravan. Keith left a note asking her to watch over the briefcase and arranges to meet her in Disneyworld. Gina discovers that the suitcase is filled with tickets, when Boots suddenly comes into sight. Cruz enters Clara's home and finds Robert, confined to bed. Robert explains to him that he has a twin brother named Quinn, and that it was him who took his place in Santa Barbara and married Kelly. Cruz is surprised by this revelation. He tells him that Kelly lost the use of her legs further to an accident during the marital night. He helps him to get up, when Clara comes into sight. Threatening them with a knife, she wants to prevent Cruz from escaping with the one whom she sees as her son. Cruz manages to disarm her, when the sheriff Roy Beaufort suddenly arrives. Quinn persuades Kelly to accept Eden's presence. Flame explains the plan to Quinn and asks him to participate in it. Quinn does not manage to understand how she hides behind the walls in the home. Kelly suddenly screams: on the picture which Robert had painted, it is not her face appearing anymore, but that of Eden...

Episode 1588

Quinn hesitates, but ends up answering Kelly that he does not know why the picture has changed. Eden informs them that she sent for a psychotherapist who helped her in the past to walk after her paralysis. Kelly at first refuses to meet her, but Quinn insists and she gives in. Dr Winter asks to work with both sisters at the same time. Brandon hides the tickets in Keith's briefcase in his backpack and escapes from the caravan. Gina jumps on Boots who, by rejecting her to the floor, makes her bash her head against a table. Gina wakes up, persuaded that Boots kidnapped Brandon. She takes her car towards Orlando, Florida. Brandon is taken in hitchhiking by a young woman heading in the same direction. C.C. and Lionel start their part of poker in Pacific Bay polo club, for the stake of rights of possession of the source of the underground water. Augusta is made responsible for inviting Minx to the Orient Express to prevent her from intervening. But Minx understands very quickly that Augusta hides something from her. She leaves the Pacific Bay polo club while Lionel is about to earn his part. She overturns the bets and becomes established at table, facing C.C.. She decides to put much more than the source of water into play...

John Novak is already credited in the ending credits, while he has not made his appearance yet in the role of Keith Timmons.
The poker game between C.C. and Lionel very strongly reminds the one of 1986 at the casino Nick's Place : it was then Gina who had put an end to the game by overturning the gaming table.

Episode 1589

Minx and C.C. confront one another in poker during the long hours. They have a pause and Lionel joins his mother in the toilets of Pacific Bay polo club. He criticises her for having taken things back in hand at his expense. He locks her up in toilets and ends the part facing C.C.. Minx arrives just at the time when Lionel slaughters his last card. He earned the part: 10 million dollars and the property of the source of water. But Minx learns that it will be necessary for them to dig under the ground of the Capwell property to be able to exploit the source. Cruz and Robert meet to work in a forced-labour camp in Louisiana. Cruz tries to help Robert who is still ill, has a feeling of faintness. The guards take aim at Cruz, before being seen out in prison with Robert. A prisoner helps him to get some aspirin for Robert, but the security guard of the prison surprises Cruz and hits him. Flame dopes Kelly's tea box. Kelly becomes flustered whilst drinking a cup. Eden finds a holiday brochure of Greece in Kelly and Robert's room. Quinn asks her not to search through their business. He then finds Flame's hiding-place in the loft. When he goes out of the room, she is nose to nose with Eden...

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