Veronica Gayley




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Identity   Interpreter
Year of death : 1985

Brother : Bobby Gayley

  Former known boyfriend : Mason Capwell (1984-1985)

Profession : Peter Flint then Eden Capwell's secretary at the Capwell hotel, Mason Capwell's secretary


Andrea Howard :
August 03 1984 (# 5) to January 29 1985 (# 129)


Recently hired as a private secretary for Peter Flint, the very new manager of the Capwell hotel, the young Veronica Gayley appears very quickly as a central pawn between some men who cordially hate one another : Peter Flint, Mason Capwell and Lionel Lockridge.

As of their first meeting, Mason Capwell, then gotten rid of by Santana Andrade, seems very attracted by the new secretary of his rival. And, on several occasions, he convokes her in the presidential suite of the Capwell hotel to work. Meetings after meetings, the man ends up confiding on himself. He will even talk to her about the strange relation which unites him to his father and about the obsessing presence of his missing brother. But Veronica breaks his advances by pronouncing the name of Lionel Lockridge at the time of a conversation. Besides their relation ceases definitively when, thereafter, Mason discovers that Veronica lodges Lionel, then pursued by the police. Veronica made him believe that it was in fact her brother, Bobby.

Taken between Peter and Mason, Veronica assists to all their verbal fights. And while the two men seek to gain her confidence, it is with Lionel Lockridge that she offers support and fidelity. Indeed, she collects for the Lockridge patriarch some informations on the Capwell Enterprises, and more particularly on Mason's intentions for the repurchase of the beach front property. Veronica is faithful towards Lionel because, some years before, he saved her little brother Bobby during an expedition in Africa.

However, time after time, Veronica gets close to Mason. And, when one evening, she is urgently convoked at the Capwell mansion to confirm the veracity of some Mason's defamatory remarks, Veronica agrees to lie : she swears that this recording is a forgery. Mason has ever compared, in her presence, his father with Hitler or Attila. With this deliberated lie, Veronica ruins Peter's plans. To take a little distance, Veronica goes away from Santa Barbara.

Back after several days of holidays (where Amy Perkins replaced her), Veronica takes again her job under the direction, this time, of Eden Capwell. Very quickly, a certain animosity gets installed between the two women and Veronica, always faithful to Lionel, does not hesitate to prevent him of Eden's diving plans, in the purpose to be the first one to enter the Amanda Lockridge. Forced to work more and more often with Mason, Veronica finishes by finding him attaching. But, always prisoner of her responsibilities and her connections, Veronica is always navigating between Peter, Lionel and Mason. This is why she agrees to visit Peter, in the private clinic where Mason made him transferred after the earthquake. This is also why she ends up acknowledging to Mason her visit to her former boss and why she helps Lionel to move Peter, without Mason knows it.

And this is because she cannot choose her side between these three men that her way dangerously gets close to Peter, become the carnation killer. She escapes a first time from the death by bringing back papers to Peter. And, while she speaks to him, she realizes that Peter is, each time, the last person who crossed the way of the victims of the carnation killer. The hours of Veronica are then counted. And one evening of January 1985, whereas Peter pretends to go to the cinema, he enters Veronica's appartment and kills her. Veronica's body will be found by Mason, a white eyelet at her sides.

Veronica Gayley will have too briefly crossed the world of Santa Barbara, eliminated well too early by Peter. Her disappearance is to be regretted, because being given the complex relations that she maintained with Peter Flint, Mason Capwell and Lionel Lockridge, we were in right to hope some multiple intrigues, intelligently orchestrated by Veronica...

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