Summer Blake




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Year of birth : 1958

Date of death : January 1985

Mother : Phyllis Blake


Brothers and sister : Stan Benson (half-brother), Mack Blake, Gina DeMott Capwell

Former known boyfriend : Warren Lockridge (1984-1985)

Profession : Curator at the museum


JonnaLeigh Stack :
September 27 1984 (# 44) to January 14 1985 (# 119)


If the Blake family seems to get completely reformed in 1989, it is without counting on another member of the tribe who made her appearance in Santa Barbara in 1984, at the same time as Gina. Summer Blake, promised to a great future, is at her beginnings the good and loving sister who takes care on Gina, recently widowed of her first husband, Stockman DeMott. She thus settles with her in the presidential room of the Capwell hotel, before moving in her own apartment a few weeks later.

This is only a few hours after her arrival in Santa Barbara that Summer meets at the beach bar the one who will become her great love : Warren Lockridge. Everything however seems to separate them : she is erudite, impassioned by arts, sweet and sedate. He is spontaneous and reckless, at that time a sea rescuer. But let believe that the opposites attract each other since Summer is quickly seduced by Warren, who is not long to invite her to many amorous rendez-vous and surprises-parties in her honor.

If the truth of her feelings are not to call into question, Summer shows however herself distant towards Warren as soon as this one tends towards a more physical contact, demonstration of his love for her. Not being able to face her obvious blockings and her anguishes, she flees for Los Angeles to follow a therapy, without informing Warren of it. This one, by questioning Gina, ends up learning the truth : a few months ago, Summer was victim of a rape, perpetrated by Hank Judson, Gina's lover of the moment. As of her return to Santa Barbara, Summer is welcomed by Warren who tries to comfort her and to reassure her on his intention to help her to go through this hard time.

But this unfortunately not the only difficulty that the frail Summer will have to face. Involved in spite of her in the intigue of the golden coins stolen at the Capwell mansion, Summer has to protect Warren from Kelly Capwell's many interrogations. And she will even have at her return in Santa Barbara to face Mason Capwell's questions during a cross-examination. The young fair woman, in appearance so sweet, frankly lies to protect the one she loves. The photos she discovers of the body of Barbara Anderson, waitress at La Mesa found raped and assassinated, revive in her some very painful memories.

The new happiness that Summer was going to know turns to be short. Already worried by the threat of the carnation killer who creates the terror in the city, Summer can only panic when a guy named Peter Flint comes to announce her at the State Street bar that Warren was victim of an accident. Accepting his proposal to lead her to the hospital where he would have been led, Summer signs without knowing it her death sentence : in a few minutes, she discovers that the so benevolent man who accompanies her in the car is not other than the famous serial-killer already guilty of a murder. Raped and assassinated, Summer thus knows an extremely tragic destiny. But obviously still not enough so that her name and her memory do pass to the posterity of the show...

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