Sawyer Walker




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Identity   Interpreter
Father : Reese Walker

Mother : Jodie Walker

Sister : B.J. Walker (half-sister)


Former known girlfriend : Aurora DeAngelis (1992-...)

Professions : Student, waiter


Eric Close :
March 03 1992 (# 1915) to January 15 1993 (# 2137)


Sawyer is the first member of the Walker family to make his appearance in Santa Barbara in spring 1992. Sharp and impulsive, impassioned of boxing, he follows Warren Lockridge's journalism class, at the sides of Lily Blake, Elaine Barnowski and of a newcomer named Troy Rhodes.

Very close to this young boy with short hair, Sawyer is a time suspected by his professor of being homosexual, before it turns out that Troy is in fact his sister, B.J.. Sawyer knows a very traditional youth : close to his parents, Jodie and Reese, he knows some confrontations with his father, who disapproves his investment in boxing.

One evening, he meets in the gazeebo of the Ballymoor residence a girl with a look of in princess with whom he immediately falls in love : the young Aurora DeAngelis. As innocent as Sawyer is honest and wise, Aurora becomes Sawyer's obsession. They eventually go out together, and Sawyer helps her in escaping the influence of her grandmother who sequestered her in Ballymoor since her childhood. Sawyer finds even himself kidnapped by the old Abigail and saved by Aurora and the one who turns out to be her father back from the world of the dead, Dr. Micah DeAngelis.

A drama will modify the course of his innocent youth : the sexual abuses of his sister B.J. by Frank Goodman, a friend of his parents. By learning the drama, Sawyer gets mad and threatens the man of reprisals. When Frank is found died after their fight in the desert, Sawyer is the first suspect. Arrested by the police, he is helped to escape from prison by B.J.. Sawyer then proposes to Aurora to follow him, in order to pursue a new life in Boston.

Sawyer finds a job in a restaurant, but chooses to continue boxing to be able to assume his new life of young independent adult. But he finds himself in spite of him dipped into fixed matches. Having physically been threatened by his coach and his henchmen, he sees himself begged by Aurora to stop, this latter being afraid for his life. Before being able to make a final decision on this subject, Sawyer is joined by his parents. He learns that his sister was arrested for the murder of Frank and that his support is necessary, with the approach of her trial. He then goes back to Santa Barbara with Aurora.

Once B.J. discharged (it finally turns out that Frank has in fact committed suicide), Sawyer discovers that his parents get separated and that his mother get closer to Micah, Aurora's father. If at first he holds Micah responsible for the separation of his parents, he realizes quickly that it is not the case. His parents undergo a crisis, which fortunately does not last. Sawyer can then blossom again with Aurora.

And this is together, in love and finally serene, that they attend the wedding of B.J. and Warren Lockridge at the time of the last episode of the show...

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