«I'd have liked to be James Bond.»

 By Kathy O'Franc, Ici Paris, 2009

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You arrived at the beginning of June, a little before the 49th Television Festival of Monte-Carlo...

My wife, Keri, and I love France, particularly the South. We thus planned our stay for a few weeks. After Paris, we went to Aix-en-Provence, then to Saint-Tropez to rest a little.

In spite of the undeniable success of Without a Trace, the show get cancelled after seven seasons. How did you live this decision ?

Bad, very bad, as the other actors of the show. Nobody expected it, and we had no explanation. We were simply said that the show was too much expensive, while it worked so well. It is incomprehensible ! We are good actors, the scripts are great ... But it is true that the show can have all the successes of the world, if its cost is too high and that everything is not made to assure the promotion of it, then ... What is important, it is that the TV networks support the shows, in particular by the advertising and the management of the broadcasting schedules. But, it was not the case of our network, CBS.

If you're appealed for another show, what kind of character you would like to play ?

A role with action, which is funny, or then a romantic character. Maybe also a medical drama. I regret not having played in E.R., at the very beginning of the show. I would also have liked playing James Bond, being instead of Brad Pitt in A River Runs Through It.... I well see myself playing the bad boys to surprise the public, but without shocking those who see in me the ideal son-in-law.

You are an actor, a director and you directed two episodes of Without a Trace, but what job fascinated you when you were young ?

I dreamed to be a surgeon as my father. But I discovered that I was not a good student and that I was better to play comedy. One day, maybe I shall embody the role of a doctor.

What place do you grant to money in your life ?

I have nothing against the fact of earning a lot of money. But you should not either take yourself too seriously or to be full of yourself. I was raised with values of good sense, humility, perseverance. And if one day I'd behave badly or I'd be big headed, believe me my parents will be there to refocus me !

How do you see yourself in ten years ?

I shall have time to direct my movies. Moreover, with my wife we are currently creating a production company. We already have some ideas of novels adaptations. And then, I shall be able to dedicate myself to the causes which are important to me. I shall also see my two daughters going to high school and I hope that I shall always be married.

We know your commitment against poverty and illiteracy...

I think that it is essential for somebody to know how to read. The proof, he could not read your articles (laughs). More seriously, to know how to read, it is the base. It is a tool, a weapon which allows to trust in yourself, to find a work and to defend yourself throughout the existence. Yes, illiteracy is one of my numerous fights.

Do these very positive ideas come from your education ?

Indeed, my parents are very funny, very generous, comprehensive and welcoming people. They encouraged me when I said to them that I wanted to be an actor. When you are raised by such persons, you win in humanity.

Is it the same kind of education that you give to your daughters ?

Yes. And I hope that they are kind with their classmates. I inculcate them the values I received : generosity, honesty, and respect of the environment. Katie does gymnastics. As for Ella, she draws and likes comic strips, her preferred one is SpongeBob SquarePants.