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Complete name : Ricardo Castillo

Date of birth : July 11, 1964

Father : Harland Richards

Mother : Carmen Castillo

Raised by : Carmen and Rafael Castillo


Brother and sisters : Cruz Castillo (half-brother), Carmen Castillo (half-sister), Tawny Richards (half-sister)

Married to : Hollis Beaulieu (1988-1989)

Child : Adriana Castillo (adopted)

Former known girlfriends : Sandra Mills (1989), Kelly Capwell (1989-1990), Tawny Richards (1990)

Profession : Bartender at the Topsy Turvy's


Peter Love :
May 05 1989 (# 1202) to November 02 1990 (# 1582)


If his name is quoted for the first time in 1988, we have to wait the following year so that the character of Ric Castillo takes finally consistency in the great family of Santa Barbara. Ric is then in the center of one of the strongest intrigues of the year 1989 : the kidnapping of Adriana, Eden and Cruz Castillo's daughter. It is in Paris that we thus discover Ric, Cruz's brother and little notorious trafficker. Married to Hollis, a Frenchwoman, he is the adoptive father of a small Charisse. A small Charisse who, for Eden, cannot be other than her daughter who was removed to her at birth and whom her kidnapper made her pass for dead before dying at his turn.

Ric, in the search of staff to care of his Parisian apartment and his new little family, hires a nurse and a maid, who, unknown to him, are in fact Eden and her sister Kelly Capwell, came to investigate in order to confirm their suspicions. The impromptu arrival of Cruz and the revelations of Eden and Kelly finally make the truth being revealed at day light : Charisse is well Adriana, bought at the black market by Hollis to create a family which will allow her to cash a significant family heritage. Suddenly exposed, Hollis commits suicide in the Seine, leaving Ric widower of a wife, but also of a child whom Eden and Cruz have immediately reappropriate to themselves.

Alone and eager to settle his accounts with his brother he always envied, Ric ends up regaining Santa Barbara too. He indeed refinds there his mother, but especially Kelly who is not insensitive to his charm of gloomy hoodlum. His desire of revenge towards Cruz quite naturally leads him to date the very disturbed Sandra Mills, psychic sickly in love with Cruz. The destructive desire he shares with her leads him to start an affair in the only purpose to provoke Cruz and the Capwell family. Realizing that his self-destroying behavior will only lead him to lose the ones who love him, Ric ends up reasoning himself and breaking with Sandra. He then succumbs to his passion for Kelly, with who he finally knows the true love.

A first happiness very quickly followed by a second one when, with the help of Eden and Cruz, he succeeds in finding the trace of his father, Rafael, prisoner of a machiavelian magician, Dr. Mephisto. Once baffled the many traps of the magician's castle, Ric, Cruz and Eden succeeds in releasing Rafael. But to keep the life safe, Ric is constrained to kill Mephisto. However, the joy of seeing reunited his parents, divided for a so long time, quickly makes him forget this ordeal.

The Capwell Enterprises having then some big problems, Ric agrees to play the spies for his family-in-law, ritual to be finally accepted. He approaches the enemy named Robert Barr and brings back his misdeeds to Kelly. But while inquiring into him, Robert ends up discovering Ric's heavy past of trafficker. Taken in his own trap, Ric is obliged by Robert to play the double agents and to act against the interests of the Capwell Enterprises. When Kelly realizes it, she decides to break with Ric, without knowing what pressure he is in fact submitted to.

However Ric does not stay alone for a long time, since he quickly meets young Tawny Richards, daughter of the powerful businessman and enemy of the Capwells, Harland Richards. Their love and their great complicity reach tops when one fine day, the scandal bursts. The truth on Harland 's real identity is revealed at the great light : named in fact Richard Atkins, Harland formerly was the lover of Carmen Castillo, Ric's mother. From their union was born a child, who turns to be Ric. Ric and Tawny thus discover that they are half-brother and sister. Afflicted by the news, the two lovers are constrained to separate the one from the other. Ric then definitively leaves the town, as alone and without reference mark as at the time of his arrival one year and a half before...

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