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Identity   Interpreter
Real name : Antonio Fiorno

Year of birth : 1956

Date of death : March 01, 1985


Former known girlfriends : Augusta Lockridge (198?), Kelly Capwell (198?-1984)

Professions : Former gigolo, physics teacher at Lyman prep, manager of the Capwell hotel


Stephen Meadows :
July 30 1984 (# 1) to February 28 1985 (# 151), April 14 1986 (# 435), April 18 1986 (# 439), April 25 1986 (# 444), April 30 1986 (# 447), May 08 1986 (# 453), May 09 1986 (# 454), May 20 1986 (# 461)


Member of the very first love triangle of Santa Barbara, Peter Flint is at the departure the boyfriend of the fair Kelly Capwell, promised to a nearest wedding. But all his plans fail when leaves the prison in July 1984 Joe Perkins, Kelly's former big love, after five years of detention for the murder of Channing Capwell Junior, Kelly's brother. Discovering that Kelly is dating Joe again, Peter decides to get rid of his rival by making him accused of drug traffic.

It is at this moment that his past overtakes him in the person of the pimp Ginger Jones, who decides to blackmail Peter about his past as a gigolo. She even ends by kidnapping Kelly and claiming a ransom of one million dollars. Peter however succeeds in making release Kelly without waking up the suspicions. Decided to get finished with Joe, he tries to kill him during an appointment in the woods. Seriously wounded during the confrontation, Peter goes to the obviousness : he has now lost Kelly, who has turned over with Joe.

In the hope to reconquer her, Peter acknowledges to Kelly on his hospital bed, where he thinks he is dying, that Joe is innocent of the murder of Channing Junior. He accuses at his place Mason Capwell, who immediately make him kidnapped in a private clinic where he keeps him under supervision until Peter accepts, for some money, to get back to his false accusation.

Get out of the hospital, Peter has to face a terrible truth : he is victim of a cerebral aneurism which can not be operated. The discovering that Kelly and Joe are planning their wedding causes the irreversible shock that makes him falling in a sweet madness. At the restaurant La Mesa, he meets a young fair waitress, Barbara Anderson, and begins to call her Kelly. Without premeditation, Peter rapes and kills her and leaves the place, leaving as a signature of his crime a white carnation. Sowing the terror among the female population of Santa Barbara, Peter then attacks other fair young women he takes for Kelly, in particular Veronica Gayley, his secretary, and Summer Blake, Gina's sister. He finally tightens a trap to the real Kelly, but it is her sister Eden who comes to throw herself in it before being saved by Cruz Castillo.

Peter finally succeeds in kidnapping Kelly right after her wedding with Joe. But she succeeds in escaping. In a moment of lucidness, Peter writes a confession letter where he apologizes of the bad things he made and recognizes being the carnation killer, and also the murderer of Channing Junior (even if the continuation will prove the opposite on this subject). In a last dash, Peter takes Joe as an hostage in the Perkins house. Encircled by the police, he shoots Joe who falls through the window. Kelly, who has come to his rescue, is saved by Cruz who shoots the fatal bullet at Peter. Peter is killed in front of Kelly, the woman for who he will have dedicated a real worship at the point to kill...

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