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Maiden name : Pepperidge

Sister : Margaret Pepperidge

Married to : C.C. Capwell (195?-1956), Michael Conrad (196?-19??)

Children : Mason Capwell, Elena Nikolas, Jeffrey Conrad


Former known boyfriends : Hal Clark (195?), Grant Capwell (195?), Dr Alex Nikolas (1957-19??)

Profession : President of her own oil company


? :
December 11 1986 (# 603)

? :
March 18 1987 (# 671)

Shirley Anne Field :
October 13 1987 (# 803) to December 28 1987 (# 856)

Marj Dusay :
December 29 1987 (# 857) to July 07 1988 (# 990), February 25 1991 (# 1657) to March 04 1991 (# 1662)


Her name is pronounced in the first episodes of the show in 1984, but it is however only in 1987 that Pamela makes her real first appearance on screen. First wife of C.C. Capwell, she is banished of the mansion, forced to give up her son Mason. But she keeps secret her second pregnancy and takes refuge at her friend Dr. Alex Nikolas. It is to him that she confides the guard of her baby, Elena. Pamela then flees in England where she marries the notable Michael Conrad, who gives him a son, Jeffrey. At his death, she decides to gain Santa Barbara where now her two sons remain. It is Gina DeMott who first meets her, whereas she is pretended dead : Jeffrey indeed announced to everyone that she threw herself from a bridge of East River a few years ago. Moreover, Mason had lost any contact with her, C.C. at the time having destroyed all her letters.

Thus, Pamela is back in town, but remains discrete about her intentions. The face veiled, she suffers of a disease which disfigures her. Gina succeeds in getting from Dr. Alex Nikolas a potion which cures her in a record time. She then launches Pamela to the conquest of C.C. to make him separate from Sophia. Sophia, decided not to let her done, hires a henchman, Ed Thomson, to make explode one of the oil rigs belonging to Pamela. But Ed tries afterwards to blackmail her. During this time, Pamela finds her two sons, Mason and Jeffrey. Jealous of Kelly, who has just married Jeffrey, Pamela tries to do everything to make them break : she even pays T.J. Daniels to seduce Kelly.

On another side, C.C., despite some weaknesses a few evenings, also resists her. Pamela then finds her revenge while going to reveal to the district attorney Keith Timmons a terrible secret : C.C. would have, 25 years ago, killed her lover, Hal Clark. Searches are undertaken and at the Capwell boathouse are found bones likely to be those of Hal (it will be proved in fact that they were Dr. Mark McCormick's ones). A hypnose session is undertaken on Dr. Scott Clark, Hal's nephew, present at the time on the place of the crime. He reveals that in fact, Hal did not die of the continuations of the fight with C.C., but that it is Pamela who returned thereafter to shoot him. Pamela, taken of an access of madness, runs to satiate her last revenge in... poisoning Kelly's glass at the beach bar ! At the hospital where Kelly is led, Pamela tries again to drug her through her drip. Surprised by T.J. Daniels, she follows him and Kelly on the roof of the hospital and tries to kill them. Arrested by the police, Pamela is interned in an asylum.

In 1991, Pamela however reappears in Santa Barbara, decided to reconcile herself with Mason. It is her who reveals to him the real identity of Cassandra Benedict, who turns to be Minx Lockridge's daughter. But at a memorable dinner where she is confronted to the Capwell family and to a triumphant Mason, she makes a new crisis of madness and finishes again interned. Never again she will reappear in society...

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