A slightly off-the-wall lady

 Soap Opera Update, 1988

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It's a long way from Russell, Kansas to Santa Barbara, but Marj Dusay (Pamela Capwell Conrad) has made the journey with ease ! Marj, a Russell native, attended Kansas University, where she was elected Homecoming Queen. She brings with her a host of television, movie and theater credits; among the many television shows she has appeared in are Dallas, Bamaby Jones, and in many episodes of Facts of Life as Blair Warner's mother, Monica. Prior to her role on Santa Barbara, Marj played Myrna Clegg on Capitol, replacing the late Carolyn Jones. Divorced, Marj lives in L.A. and has a son and a daughter.

You replaced Shirley Anne Field In the role of Pamela. Do you hope to bring any new dimensions to the part ?

Knowing the general background of my character, I hope to bring some excitement to the role. Like most villains, she constantly screws up - she suffers from insecurity and selfishness. With her past history, she has some confusion in her life, and she has to learn some hard lessons. You know, I like Pamela - I'm probably the only one that has compassion for her ! You must see her pain, because the things she does come from that pain.

Would you like to inject a more comedic element into Pamela ?

Yes, I would. I like the comedy that comes out of the character. I don't believe in a character being one-dimensional. People do change in life, and they can be happy, giddy sometimes, down the next... I like to keep Pamela on the lighter side of things.

We understand that you're quite a golfer ! Have you had time lately to play ?

No, I haven't had time lately, but I do participate in celebrity golf tournaments when I can. Now I'm starting tennis, although I've always played it somewhat.

Are you seeing anybody special at the moment ? Do you have certain qualities that you look for in a man ?

No one at the moment ! I hope to be, though (laughs) ! What do I look for... well, this sounds so corny, but... tall, dark, handsome, a sense of humor - someone who likes a slightly off-the-wall lady and a man who doesn't take himself too seriously but is a nice person !